Ng BL ~ Post Stroke, Paraplegic and unable to stand properly

” Mdm Ng had suffered a stroke around 2 years ago, leaving her to be a paraplegic on the left side of her body, with slurred speech. She was unable to stand properly as both her legs are very weak, in addition to poor coordination. With the assistance from her husband, she came to seek […]

Emelee L ~ Sciatic Pain (Right ankle)

” Generally I am very healthy but suddenly was hit by a sciatic pain on my right ankle portion. After the treatment, I do not have any sciatic pain anymore. This is a huge relief for me because when the pain hits me, I feel so helpless and have no mood or desire to do anything. […]

Christine N ~ Skin Allergy (Blisters)

” I have been having Skin Problem on both my legs for a few years. Both my legs are swollen, itchy, continuously red, blisters with open wounds (sometimes with liquid and sometimes with blood coming out) and black crust plus spots on the sole of my feet. After the 4th treatment, there was no more […]

Lee AG ~ Leg Pain, Diabetes

” I have been having pain at both his legs for the past 3 – 4 years. I could not walk far nor fast due to the pain. I am a Diabetic and have High Cholesterol plus issues with my Blood Pressure. Besides that, for the past 20 years, my sleep is constantly disrupted as […]

Stress Buster Treatment Testimonials

Listen to some of the feedback received from our clients who had tried our Stress Buster Treatment (just a sampler for 15 minutes). Hi-Bliss Stress Buster Treatment targets the underlying muscular conditions that cause tension. The benefits are as follows:- – Promotes Blood Circulation – Promotes Detoxification – Relaxes Muscle Strain – Boosts Mental Capacity […]

Anonymous ~ Bruised Eye

An elderly man came to our center with quite a serious injury to his right eye, which had caused bruising and rupture of blood vessels around the eye. Our treatment procedure was to spray hydrogen gas on the injured eye for 45 minutes. After the 45 minutes of treatment on the injured eye, the ‘sandy’ […]

Harmit K. ~ Back Pain and Muscle Spasm

” When I came to this centre I had terrible shoulder pain and Fibromyalgia. My pain has 95% left me and now I only come for maintenance and wellness. The stress buster treatment actually improved my eyesight.  I just love this treatment. It relaxes me and I feel energized especially while walking.” Harmit K.~ February […]

Nicole L. ~ Lower Back Pain

” Overall very satisfying treatment. Less pain on problem area, before the treatment, I couldn’t even sit for 5 minutes without pain, I couldn’t even sit straight but now I can sit straight for hours without feeling the pain.” NICOLE L. ~ October 2018 Nicole came to us, seeking a solution to her pain that […]

Steven C ~ Blister

Steven was having blister at the bottom area of his right eye. The blister was itchy with mild redness and this was causing discomfort to him as he had to resist from scratching and rubbing the blister. After the 1st treatment, the itchiness and redness reduced. After under-going just 4 treatments, the itchiness and redness […]

Chloe C ~ Skin Allergy (Eczema)

Ms Chloe has been suffering from Eczema for more than 20 years (since primary school). She was only applying cream to ease the itchiness and redness. We had treated the eczema spot on her forehead and after 15 minutes of Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, there was a noticeable improvement to the redness and the discoloration on […]

Wong CH ~ Tongue Cancer (Stage 3)

Mr. Wong was facing difficulty sleeping and eating/swallowing as he constantly felt pain at his tumor area (tongue). We noticed that the area around the tumor was swollen (inflamed), which may be the cause of his constant pain around the area. At times, the pain worsens and causing him frequent headaches. There were numerous occasions […]

Madam Yeat ~ Skin Allergy (Eczema)

” When Madam Yeat first came to see us, she had informed that she was having eczema on both her legs. She mentioned that her condition triggers and worsens when she is stressed. We had also noticed that her skin condition was rather dry, with a small open wound on one of the spots. She […]

Irfan R ~ Back Shoulder Pain (Right)

” 1-Day duration of Pain. 1 time treatment, pain reduced from 7 to 1 in scale . Surprisingly effective in reducing pain to manageable levels.” Ifrann R. ~ June 2017