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Earn great rewards from the Hi-Bliss Brand Partner Program by spreading the benefits of hydrogen water and treatments, and also sharing the importance of good health to your family, friends and your social media followers. Apply now!
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What’s the Benefits?

If you have a thing for health and wellness, you are on the right track! You will surely love our services, products, and rewards! Scroll down to learn more about our Brand Partner Program.
Be Our Influencer

The Best Part

We are looking for people who know how to explore creative ways to attract their family, friends and followers on social media! You can apply as our Brand Partner by just promoting our brand through your experience, knowledge and earn commissions for it.
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+ Earn extra income and bonuses

Generate new income simply by actively promote Hi-Bliss to your network via social media or word-of-mouth. The more you earn, the more benefits you will get.

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+ Zero Capital and Flexible Hours

No fuss and no additional fees needed to complete your registration with Hi-Bliss Brand Partner Program. You can work anywhere you like, as you can have almost anything at a fingertip.

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+ Health Improvement

The ability to share the importance of health is not only for you, but also to your relatives and friends. You will learn more about the benefits of Hydrogen treatments and Hydrogen water through our products and services.

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+ Make a Difference in the Community

Compassionate Care Foundation aims to be the first not-for-profit organization in Malaysia that provides Molecular Hydrogen Treatment/Therapy for the under-privileged individuals suffering from chronic pain and various diseases, thus enabling under-privileged individuals to regain a healthy and active life.

… Not only that, there are more benefits waiting for you!

How It Works

+ Apply: Fill in all the info we need, and approved account will receive a Unique Personal Code.
+ Book an appointment: Visit our centre for health assessment and first trial treatment.
+ Share: Inspire others to experience our products and services in your own platform. Share your Unique Personal Code with your audience.
+ Earn: Get benefits and commissions on the sales you generate using your Unique Personal Code.