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5 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

Avoid Information Overload

  • Slim Down on how much daily information about the virus you consume.
  • Make sure information is from trusted sources.
  • Practice Social Media self-discipline.


  • Maintaining a normal sleep schedule and staying active during the day can help maintain your sense of well-being.
  • Try to include exercises into your schedule as it can help reduce your anxiety.

Think outside of yourself

  • Actions may counter anxiety
  • Consider volunteering or helping others who are more in need. This will also make you feel better.

Seek Support Wisely

  • Seek support but avoid talking to people who are as worried as you are.
  • Consider Professional Help (via remote resources) to get a handle of your thoughts.

Name your fears and prepare

  • Name your specific fears.
  • Try not to over-estimate nor under-estimate your fears.
  • Be prepared about your fears and think of  a plan.

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