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Low Mobility?

Do you find yourself having trouble climbing stairs due to knee pain or stiffness?
Sakit Lutut

Joint Pains?

Do you find yourself clutching at your knee in pain as you go about your daily life?
Stress Insomnia

Trouble Sleeping?

Does your knee pain keep you awake at night causing you to feel exhausted the next day?
Stress Fatigue

Low Energy?

Do you feel low energy or fatigued throughout the day and demotivated to move?

Symptoms of Knee-Related Health Conditions

Knee Pain is a condition that many people of all ages face during their lives. It can have a wide variety of causes and may happen suddenly with great intensity or manifest as a dull ache over a long period. 

Signs that you are suffering from a knee-related health condition include:
1. Lack of mobility or flexibility in the knee
2. Swelling in the knee joint
3. Pain in the kneecap
4. Discomfort in the back of the knee
5. Knee Soreness or Tenderness

What is the Source of your Knee Pain?

Knee Pain is a condition that many people of all ages face during their lives. It can have a wide variety of causes and may happen suddenly with great intensity or may manifest as a dull ache over a long period of time. 

If you are facing one or more of the below, then you are very likely to have knee pain.
1. Obesity
2. Sports Injuries
3. Old Age
4. Knee-Related Medical Conditions (Baker Cysts, Osteoarthritis or Osgood-Schlatter disease)

The root cause of most knee-related health issues is inflammation. Inflammation stems from free radicals that are developed over the course of our lives due to various factors including poor diet, pollution and poor lifestyle habits

Let Hydrogen be Your Solution!

How does Hydrogen help?

Knee Degeneration

Slows Down Age-Related Knee Degeneration

Hydrogen Therapy can relieve the inflammatory nature of diseases that degrade the knee such as Osteoarthritis by neutralising free radicals. 
Knee Friction

Reduces Knee Joint Friction

By managing knee osteoarthritis, less pressure is placed on the joints which helps reduce knee pain.
Joint Inflammation or Swelling

Relieves Joint Inflammation

Hydrogen can reduce swelling around the knee which increases joint flexibility and mobility.
Muscle Strength

Improves Muscle Condition & Reduces Muscle Strain

In addition to the anti-inflammatory aspects of Hydrogen Therapy, our physiotherapists educate clients of exercises to improve muscle strength which will also reduce muscle strain.
Blood Circulaton

Memperbaiki Peredaran Darah

Hydrogen Therapy can help regulate blood circulation which will increase blood flow to muscles and joints throughout the body which encourages healing at a faster rate.
Oxidative Stress

Manages age-induced oxidative stress

Cells in the body go through apoptosis (programmed cell death) at an accelerated rate when free radicals are present. Hydrogen neutralises free radicals, effectively reducing the rate of aging.

How Does Hydrogen Work?

We use the curative effects of Molecular Hydrogen Gas and combine it with our expert physiotherapists to reduce inflammation, relieve knee pain and improve mobility. 

Protokol Rawatan Kami

Consultation / Subjective Assessment

Langkah 1

Konsultasi / Penilaian Subjektif

Our physiotherapists conduct various non-invasive tests to identify the root cause of your problem. 

Body Assessment (Palpation)

Langkah 2

Penilaian Badan (Palpation)

Palpation is a sense-of-touch test that is conducted by our physiotherapists to identify treatment points.
Heat/Cold Therapy

Langkah 3

Terapi Haba/Sejuk

Our physiotherapists then use hot or cold packs to loosen and relax tight muscles, preparing the body to absorb Hydrogen better.
Terapi Hidrogen

Langkah 4

Terapi Hidrogen

Hydrogen gas is sprayed onto the identified treatment points. It is non-invasive and pain-free. The sensation is like a gentle breeze.
Manipulation And/Or Stretching & Strengthening Exercise

Langkah 5

Manipulasi Dan/Atau Senaman Regangan & Pengukuhan

In order for a holistic healing experience, our physiotherapists will conduct some manipulation on the body and teach some basic knee stretching & knee strengthening exercises to do at home.
Maklum balas

Langkah 6

Maklum balas

Lastly, at the end of every session, our physiotherapists will receive feedback from your experience to identify the most effective way to improve your healing journey.

More than 3,000 people have reclaimed their health through Hydrogen Therapy

Your Story could be next!

Kisah Kejayaan Kami

Uncle Shia has osteoarthritis, which severely limited his daily activity and hindered his mobility. In this video, he shares about the agony he was experiencing and the changes he experienced since his treatment with us.

We tailored a custom treatment plan for Uncle Shia, beginning with a comprehensive examination to determine the root cause of his pain. Then, our highly-skilled physiotherapists and hydrogen therapy did the rest!

When Uncle Shia regained his movement, he nearly burst into tears. He has since returned to his regular activities and can start exercising with ease!
Before starting his Hydrogen Therapy journey with us, Mr Jamie was unable to walk due to his septic arthritis that occurred due to a knee infection when his immune system was low.

We designed a specialised treatment program for Mr Jamie with an emphasis on recovering his strength after his long period of post-procedure inactivity.

After our physiotherapists combined their skills and Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, Mr Jamie started to walk again and could even start lifting weights!

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