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Dry or Cracked Skin?

Do you find yourself having to look for moisturisers or creams because of overly dry skin?

Unexplained Marks, 
Bumps or Acne?

Do you find yourself spotting new pimples, bumps or marks on your skin?

Rashes or Itchiness?

Do you find yourself itching and scratching all the time with no relief?

If you are suffering from the above, your skin needs some extra care!

The above symptoms are signs that your skin is unhealthy. You may be suffering from one or more of the following health conditions:

1. Eczema/Dermatitis
2. Shingles
3. Psoriasis
4. Acne

What causes these Health Conditions?


In the case of Shingles, it can develop due to a prior case of chicken pox. This is because Shingles is caused by varicella zoster virus.


If one or more of your parents are suffering from eczema, it is very likely for you to develop eczema.


Poor hygiene habits may contribute to the development of acne on various parts of the body.


Imbalanced hormones can be responsible for various health conditions including body and face acne.

An Overactive Immune System

Eczema occurs when your immune system overreacts to small allergens in your environment. Your body's natural defense against allergens is by creating inflammation.

Environmental Effects

Exposure to smoke, air pollutants, harsh soaps, fabrics such as wool, and some skin care products may cause eczema flare ups.

Mental Health Conditions

A high-stress environment can lead to various health conditions. Combined with poor sleep health, Stress can be responsible for many skin conditions such as eczema.

Let Hydrogen be Your Solution!

How does Hydrogen help?

Slows Down Disease Progression of Skin Diseases

Hydrogen neutralises the inflammation caused by skin diseases such as psoriasis which provides relief and reduces disease progression. 

Improves Collagen Production

Hydrogen regulates hormones in your body which can also improve collagen production which helps your skin recover healthier.

Relieves Skin Inflammation

Due to the antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects of Hydrogen, our Hydrogen Therapy can relieve skin inflammation and swelling.  

Memperbaiki Peredaran Darah

Hydrogen Therapy can help regulate blood circulation which will increase blood flow to muscles and joints throughout the body which encourages healing at a faster rate.

Manages age-induced oxidative stress

Cells in the body go through apoptosis (programmed cell death) at an accelerated rate when free radicals are present. Hydrogen neutralises free radicals, effectively reducing the rate of aging.

How Does Hydrogen Work?

Hydrogen Therapy works naturally to improve your conditions without the need to use creams, chemical treatments or other topical medications. It is safe for all ages and has no negative side-effects.

Protokol Rawatan Kami

Consultation Subjective Assessment

Langkah 1

Konsultasi / Penilaian Subjektif

Our physiotherapists conduct various non-invasive tests to identify the root cause of your problem. 

Skin wound assessment

Langkah 2

Skin/Wound Assessment

Our Health Consultants will inspect your skin and wounds to identify the best treatment points for your session. 
hydrogen skin patch

Langkah 3

Hydrogen-Infused Skin Patch

These specialised skin patches will be applied onto problem areas to provide relief. 
Terapi Hidrogen

Langkah 4

Terapi Hidrogen

Hydrogen gas is sprayed onto the identified treatment points. It is non-invasive and pain-free. The sensation is like a gentle breeze.

Langkah 5

Manipulation (Subject To Root Cause)

As certain health conditions are caused by emotional factors like stress, our physiotherapists may use some physical manipulation techniques to help relieve stress on your body. 
Maklum balas

Langkah 6

Maklum balas

Lastly, at the end of every session, our physiotherapists will receive feedback from your experience to identify the most effective way to improve your healing journey.

More than 3,000 people have reclaimed their health through Hydrogen Therapy

Your Story could be next!

Kisah Kejayaan Kami

Chenge Skin Condition Testimonial
Chegne suffered from dry skin and itchiness on her forehead, scalp, neck and upper back. After going for our Hydrogen Skin Health Program, her skin tone returned to normal and the itchiness reduced which helped improve her quality of sleep. 
Encik Abdul Jalil was suffering from Chronic Eczema for over 35 years and was taking medication (once a week for past 20+ years) and used topical creams to control his condition.

After undergoing Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Treatment, En. Abdul Jalil has stopped needing the medication completely. His skin condition improved tremendously and is not as red nor enflamed anymore!

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