Buat Janji Temu Sekarang!

Experiencing pandemic fatigue? We need to take proactive steps to protect our psychological well-being. Here are 8 tips based on real situations, to help you maintain good physical and mental health during this difficult time.

Stay Connected

To stay connected to others, regularly speak with work colleagues, your family and friends.

Structure your days

To reduce stress, structure your days. Take regular breaks and adapt your daily life to the current situation.

Retain your autonomy

To prevent a feeling of helplessness, plan your day as much as possible. Take charge of how you will spend your time.

Manage your time

Separate your leisure and work activities to ensure efficiency and maintain a work-li­fe balance.

Physical Activities

Look after your mental and physical health with regular physical and relaxation exercises, to ensure your physical and mental well-being.

Choose your media sources purposefully

Be selective and limit the time you spend watching the news (including deactivating notifications) to maintain your peace of mind.

Stay Energized

To keep your energy levels up and stay positive, spend some time on creative activities, and at the end of the day, review what you have achieved.

Eat a balanced diet

Keep to regular mealtimes, and opt for a light, varied and balanced diet to maintain energy levels and boost your immune system.

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