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Although there are many products on the market for home body detoxification, you can also work towards cleansing your body at home without any products. 


One of the best ways to start body detoxification is to drink water as water is the natural way to flush toxins out from our body.  We should consume 6-8 glasses of water per day in order to maintain good health.  Many people do not drink enough water and end up paying for it with weight gain and storing toxins in their body. 

We can tell if we are drinking enough water by the color of our urine.  If we are getting enough water, the urine should be nearly clear.  If our urine is dark, it means that we are not drinking enough water.  While it is more concentrated in the morning when we first go to the bathroom, it should get clearer throughout the day. 

By keeping ourselves hydrated, we will start to notice that we are able to maintain our ideal weight or even lose weight. 


Another factor in natural body detoxification has to do with the foods that we eat.  We have most likely heard the old adage that you are what you eat.  This is not just a saying, but a true fact. When we are trying to cleanse our body, we should eat foods that are high in vitamins and minerals and low in fat

Eating at least seven (7) fruits and vegetables a day will help us detoxify our system. Some of the foods that we may want to add to our diet include fish, blueberries, cranberries and leafy greens. These all work towards making us healthier by providing our body with nutrients that we need to maintain good health.

Start by cutting out fats, fast foods, sodium, processed foods and sweets from our diet that add toxins

There is a large variety of organic products that you can choose as well. Organic foods are developed without toxins such as artificial hormones and chemicals.  Eating organic foods is one way to keep your body clear of impurities. 


Exercise is also essential for body detoxification.  We should perform cardiovascular exercises that will work up a sweat as well as relaxing exercises, such as yoga, to eliminate stress. 

Stress can play havoc on our body and natural body detoxification tries to eliminate stress as much as possible.  Exercise is a natural way to not only get in shape and burn calories, but also to sweat out toxins. 

Hydrogen Therapy

Molecular Hydrogen’s Antioxidant properties are an effective and natural way to help rebuild the body system and restore the functions of our body organs.  It flushes out toxins, protects against cell damage, activates cellular healing and enables our body to regain its optimal condition. It’s Non-Invasive, Natural, Pain-Free and Medication Free way to detox and rebuild a healthy body system.

Vitamins and Minerals

This will help you get the vitamins and minerals that you may be missing in your daily diet. 

It stands to reason that we should practice good health habits and try to avoid behaviors that leads to toxins entering our body.  Do not smoke, take drugs or excessive consumption of alcohol.  These are habits are detrimental to your health and should be avoided. 

Once we get into the habit of naturally cleansing our body, we will find that it not only gets easier, but that we start to feel healthier and look better. Our entire body will respond to natural body detoxification.

How To Stay Detoxified?

Body detoxification is not difficult and there are many choices from which to choose when it comes to what type of remedy you want to use.

To stay detoxified, do a body detoxification once every week and eat a healthy diet loaded with vitamins and minerals.  Drink plenty of water daily and exercise. 

Detoxify and then start over again to try to maintain good health for our entire body by getting rid of toxins.

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Part 1: What Is Body Detoxification?

When we first hear about body detoxification, we may conjure up images in our minds that are unpleasant.  Once we get to understand about body detoxification and how it works, however, we will have a different opinion.

Body detoxification concentrates on cleaning or flushing out toxins or waste from our digestive system and give the organs in our digestive system a boost. It works to make sure that our digestive system is healthy.

In order to have a healthy body, we must have a healthy digestive system.  If our digestive system is not healthy, then our whole body suffers.

What is the digestive system?

The digestive system is comprised of organs such as the liver, pancreas, kidneys and intestines. Foods usually enter the digestive system through the stomach and are then passed for processing through the digestive tract. 

Some food and drinks that we take in makes the kidneys and pancreas work overtime in processing them.  All of the organs in the digestive system have a job to do in order to keep our body running healthy.  Once food and drink is processed in the system, it is then eliminated by way of waste.  Liquids are eliminated by urine and solid waste is eliminated through the intestines as feces.

These organs also take a beating when it comes to getting rid of toxins as well as some foods that can be difficult for these organs to process.  Simple carbohydrates, for example, are very hard on the kidneys and pancreas as well as the liver as they tend to pass through quickly and make these organs work overtime.

How else can toxins get into our body?

Toxins in the air that we breathe enter the system through the circulatory system that brings blood to and from the organs.  When you smoke, for example, the smoke is absorbed into your bloodstream and carried throughout your body. This negatively affects the digestive system. Even second hand smoke will take its toll.

Our skin is our biggest organ and when we take a bath or shower using chemicals as are featured in shampoo and soap, we are absorbing toxins into our skin.  When we breathe in air, we take the toxins into our lungs.  It is impossible to live our life toxin free, although a good many people try. 

We are going to eventually go out and pick up germs that are in the air.  It is inevitable that we will come into contact with toxins unless we decide to live our life in a plastic bubble.

Body detoxification clears the body of all of the toxins and foods that sit in the digestive system.  Not only is it a good way to get the poisons out of your body, but it also works well when it comes to losing weight.  Most people find that they can take off quite a few pounds simply by using body detoxification.

Who Needs Body Detoxification?

As stated earlier, just about anyone can do body detoxification. How often you need body detoxification depends on your lifestyle and the intent that you have for the body detoxification. If you want to lose weight, but have a lifestyle that involves bad habits, such as smoking, you may want to detoxify more often. If you are just trying to maintain a good digestive health, you can detoxify less often. Nevertheless, regardless of how often you decide to embark on this journey to stay healthy, everyone needs body detoxification once in a while.

Some of the reasons to detoxify your body includes:

  • For Weight Loss

Many people who are looking for a way to lose weight opt for body detoxification as it is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight. As we tend to store waste in our intestines, we may end up feeling bloated and retaining weight. Body detoxification eliminates the waste from our body and makes us feel lighter instantly. However, that being said, body detoxification is not a laxative.  It is simply a natural way to eliminate waste from our system that leads to weight loss.

  • To Remove or Flush-Out Toxins

This will work towards keeping our body clean and free from poisons that are in what we consume as well as what we breathe.  If you smoke, drink or do not always eat a healthy diet, you can use body detoxification as a way to stay healthier and rid your body of toxins. While body detoxification should not be a substitute for practicing good health, it can help alleviate the problems that come with taking in toxins.

  • Keeping The Digestive System Healthy

Remember, our digestive system and its health is vital to the overall health of our body. Colon cancer, which is cancer of the small intestine, is the result of polyps in the colon. These polyps often occurs due to waste remaining in the colon. Body detoxification helps get rid of the waste in the body and keeps the colon clean. Ultimately, body detoxification cleans the entire body through the digestive organs

Let’s look at the various Natural Tips for Body Detoxification in the next blog.

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Let’s be mindful of the importance of water to our body and life. Here’s a short and simple guide on drinking healthily. Drink Up, drink correctly and Hydrate!

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Our body is made up of 70 % of water. Water is so beneficial, so easy, so free yet so easily overlooked. Amongst some of the benefits when you decide to drink more water include saving your kidneys, lessen joint pain, clearer skin, improves mental alertness etc. Here are 15 reasons to drink more water.

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Are you suffering from fatigue and tiredness, skin problems, and generally feeling unhealthy?

One of the safest and most natural way to solve these problems is through a Body Detoxification process. However, it is of paramount importance to also familiarize yourself with the possible side effects.

Here are FIVE common side effects during your body detoxification journey:-


It might seem puzzling that fatigue and tiredness is a side effect during a body detoxification process, after all it is well known that the increase of energy and reduction of fatigue is the very reason some people begin their body detoxification journey.

However, this side effect is temporary as the body is being put through a “work-out” to clean its systems, and in the process the body would also lack some of the needed nutrients thus causing fatigue.

At the conclusion of your body detoxification process, among other benefits, you will also witness and experience renewed energy levels, and fatigue will set in less.

2. Headache

Headaches are often painful, and frustrating to the sufferer. It is also an unfortunate side effect in a body detoxification process. There are various reasons that give rise to having headaches during a body detoxification process, but most commonly, it is due to the withdrawal symptom. Withdrawal symptoms may be caused by the consumption on drugs or medication, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.

During the body detoxification process, consumption of the above is preferably avoided, furthermore, during the process, these substances is being eliminated from the body thus contributing to the withdrawal symptom, and thus resulting in a mild headache.

The good news is that after the body detoxification process, your body and its system is free of such substances, and toxin. By reducing your reliance on the substances, at the same time giving you a healthier body.

3. Increased Urination

In all body detoxification process, it is advisable to consume plenty of water, preferably room temperature water. To maximized the beneficial effects of water, we should drink it slowly and up to 2 Litres every day.

Increase water intake will also assist the body to function more effectively during the body detoxification process while at the same time, flushes toxins from the body.

Unfortunately, more liquids equals to more trips to the bathroom.

4. Diarrhea

In additional to making more trips to the bathroom for urination, some may also notice an increase in their bowel movements. During the initial stage, it might come as a form of diarrhea.

While it’s embarrassing, having diarrhea during your body detoxification process is actually good for your body. Why? That’s because it is the most primal, and natural way to expel toxins from the body. In fact, the more often your visits are to the bathroom, the better your body detoxification process is progressing.

5. Nausea

Nausea is another common side effect during body detoxification. Many have experienced this side effect, but causes for it varies. Similar to point No.2, If the person is addicted to certain substance such as alcohol, tobacco, or even caffeine, withdrawal symptoms mightset in during the detoxification process, and a common sign of withdrawalsymptom is feeling nauseated and/or vomiting.

Fortunately, this side effect should subside as the body recover from its withdrawal symptoms, and together with the body detoxification process, a refreshed, and renewed person is reborn with a healthier and cleaner body.

These side effects are the most commonly experienced during the body detoxification process, it is also important to understand that the human body, and its internal system varies from one another. Therefore, some will experience no side effects at all throughout the body detoxification process, while others might experience discomfort on a different scale.

At Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, we offer an innovative method for detoxification using molecular hydrogen that is 100% natural, safe and non-evasive. Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy has a wide array of application from pain management, disease and organ control, solution for skin problems and allergy, to open wounds, relieving stress, for Osteoarthritis, and Detoxification.

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