Madam Judy Lee ~ Shingles

Let’s join Madam Lee as she shares with us her amazing journey and her experience with Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy. Madam Lee, 82 years old from Petaling Jaya was suffering from Shingles and pain for around 2 weeks prior to seeking treatment at our Centre. Although Madam Lee had gone to seek medical treatment (twice) and […]

Christine N ~ Skin Allergy (Blisters)

” I have been having Skin Problem on both my legs for a few years. Both my legs are swollen, itchy, continuously red, blisters with open wounds (sometimes with liquid and sometimes with blood coming out) and black crust plus spots on the sole of my feet. After the 4th treatment, there was no more […]

Steven C ~ Blister

Steven was having blister at the bottom area of his right eye. The blister was itchy with mild redness and this was causing discomfort to him as he had to resist from scratching and rubbing the blister. After the 1st treatment, the itchiness and redness reduced. After under-going just 4 treatments, the itchiness and redness […]

Chloe C ~ Skin Allergy (Eczema)

Ms Chloe has been suffering from Eczema for more than 20 years (since primary school). She was only applying cream to ease the itchiness and redness. We had treated the eczema spot on her forehead and after 15 minutes of Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, there was a noticeable improvement to the redness and the discoloration on […]

Madam Yeat ~ Skin Allergy (Eczema)

” When Madam Yeat first came to see us, she had informed that she was having eczema on both her legs. She mentioned that her condition triggers and worsens when she is stressed. We had also noticed that her skin condition was rather dry, with a small open wound on one of the spots. She […]

Puan Suhaiza ~ Diabetes and Open Wound (Video)

When we first met Puan Suhaiza (back in Aug 2018), she expressed that she has been suffering from Diabetes Mellitus for 20+ years and her 2 big toes had open wounds. Upon further examination, our consultants saw that one of her toes on her right foot had been amputated due to infection. She was taking antibiotics […]

Abd. Jalil ~ Atopic Eczema (Whole Body)

Encik Abdul Jalil, a father of 3 who hails from Klang, has been suffering from Atopic Eczema for over 35 years. He was on prescription medication, taking steroid (once a week for past 20+ years) and used topical creams to control his condition. When we first met him, he had itchiness and redness all over […]

Madam Lee ~ Skin Allergy (Video)

Let’s join Madam Lee as she shares with us her amazing journey and her experience with Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy. ” Madam Lee, 80 years old from Penang was bitten by a rove beetle and had been suffering in pain from the bite wounds. Despite going through 2 courses of antibiotics prescribed by her doctor, including […]

Max ~ Skin Allergy (Eczema) – Video

Our client Max Wong has been suffering from Eczema since young and in the recent years, the condition has worsen. Max had tried various types of medications and treatments throughout the years but none of them could help solve his problem. After under-going the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, Max’s skin condition has improved tremendously but more […]

Teresa W ~ Skin Allergy (Mercury Poisoning)

Madam Teresa Wong was suffering from severe skin allergy for 30 years caused by mercury poisoning. She had tried many Chinese and Western treatments and medications but none of them could solve the root cause of her problem. The allergy triggered severe itchiness resulting in scratch marks all over her body. A small wound would […]