10 July 2018
A patient undergoing Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy.

“Our biggest motivation is the ability to help someone in pain get well again. The most rewarding experience is to witness their improvement day bydayuptothe point that they are healthy and smiling again.”
DIAGNOSED with chronic hepatitis C, Siew Wai Kiong’s liver could no longer function. Two-third of it had hardened while the remaining was inflamed and swollen.
When his doctor told him that he did not have much time left, Siew decided to seek alternative treatment from Compassionate Care Foundation.
After more than a year of undergoing Hi-Bliss Hydrogen treatments, his liver has improved and he is finally able to live a healthy life.
Set up in July last year, Compassionate Care Foundation is a non-profit organisation that subsidises Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy for underprivileged patients who suffer from chronic pain, kidney and liver failure, diabetes, skin diseases and side effects of radiotherapy.
Its director Daena Chan says the aim of the foundation is to extend the benefits of Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy to all members of society, regardless of age and social standing, to enable them to regain optimal health.

“The idea for the foundation started when Hi- foundation’s Bliss clients recommended patients who were suffering from pain and various diseases to try our treatment. These people are volunteer workers and cannot afford the treatment.
“We decided to treat them at no charge and subsequently, their health conditions improved. Based on this experience, we wanted to continue providing free treatments for those who could not afford the sessions.
Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy was introduced by IRCare, a company owned by Chan and Jayse Ong, another director of the Foundation. IRCare developed the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy for pain management and wellness.
Chan says those who are referred to the Foundation are in pain, depressed and unable to lead normal lives because of their disease.

“Our biggest motivation is the ability to help someone in pain get well again. The most rewarding experience is to witness their improvement day by day up to the point that they are healthy and smiling again.”
The foundation has also launched the Love. Hope.Health campaign to reach out to people in chronic pain, and those who suffer from skin allergy and open wounds, who want to seek treatment for their conditions.

“The campaign aims to help relieve their pain, resolve their skin allergies and rebuild their immune system to fight diseases and restore their organ functions.
“We look forward to extending the gift of health to as many underprivileged patients as possible. We urge individuals and corporations to join us to make this a successful campaign,” says Chan.
She says studies have found that molecular hydrogen has anti-inflammatory properties and is able to protect and repair human cells. Since it is the smallest molecule, it is easily absorbed into the cells to selectively neutralise toxic free radicals.
The therapy reduces inflammation and pain; stimulates blood circulation; promotes detoxification; boosts energy, relieves fatigue and improves the immune system.
“During Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, molecular hydrogen is sprayed onto specific points on the skin which is then absorbed into the body.

“We also combine light manipulation and other techniques to enable better blood circulation and absorption of the hydrogen into the patient’s cells where it protects and repairs them. The therapy is natural, safe, drug-free, and non-invasive with no side effects,” says Chan.
For details, call 03-7727 8697 or 017-847 5496.
Daena Chan

Source: https://www.pressreader.com/malaysia/new-straits-times/20180710/282514364294418