Jacqueline H. ~ Osteoarthritis & Back Pain

” Enjoyed the sessions and services in particular to address personal wellness issues. Well done Syu and Chris ~ very attentive therapist and consultant. Very knowledgeable and easy to understand.”

Pain Relief – Part I: Back Pain and Understanding Your Sore Back

Anyone who has ever suffered the misery of back pain knows how urgent it is to get relief. Once you are free from the pain, most people will learn as much as they can about their sore back to try to prevent back problems from arising again. One thing is for sure, the pain in […]

Edmund ~ Back & Shoulder Pain

” I was having Back Pain and Shoulder Pain. There was sharp pain on my shoulders before the treatment. After the treatment, my pain has been relieved and muscles have been strengthened. Was an insightful experience during the treatment.” Edmund ~ 8 July 2019

Amy L ~ Detox

” Ms Amy was facing issues sleeping (especially deep sleep) which caused her to have frequent lack of energy during the day. After under-going Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, her quality of sleep has improved (as she can now enjoy deep sleep) and she feels re-energized during the day.” We are happy to hear that our Hydrogen […]

Harmit K. ~ Back Pain and Muscle Spasm

” When I came to this centre I had terrible shoulder pain and Fibromyalgia. My pain has 95% left me and now I only come for maintenance and wellness. The stress buster treatment actually improved my eyesight.  I just love this treatment. It relaxes me and I feel energized especially while walking.” Harmit K.~ February […]

Irfan R ~ Back Shoulder Pain (Right)

” 1-Day duration of Pain. 1 time treatment, pain reduced from 7 to 1 in scale . Surprisingly effective in reducing pain to manageable levels.” Ifrann R. ~ June 2017

Annie – Knee & Back Pain, Poor Blood Circulation

” I can feel so much better after the treatment. I don’t feel back pain so much now. I can relax and feel free to walk better now, each time I came for treatment. I hope to get better after my treatment.” Annie – 78 years old  (October 2018)

Kamarul R ~ Back Pain

” This is a regular back pain where under normal conditions, it takes 2 weeks to cure after hot oil treatment. With Hi-Bliss, it only took 2 sessions to feel better. 1st day – 90% relief; 2nd day – 100% relief. “ Kamarul R. ~ September 2016