Madam Ong ~ Eye & Detox

” It’s a pleasure coming to Hi-Bliss for Hydrogen Therapy every single day. The therapy is effective, comfortable and relaxing. Will be recommending your wonderful service and results to friends.” Ong S.S ~ Penang (May 16, 2019) Madam Ong came to our Centre in Penang seeking treatment for her eyes which were dry and tired. […]

EG Ho ~ Frozen Shoulder

” Syu has very special touch that makes her massage and treatment very effective. She is the best therapist I have met so far compared to other therapist in other places. “ E.G. HO. ~ March 2019

Stress Buster Treatment Testimonials

Listen to some of the feedback received from our clients who had tried our Stress Buster Treatment (just a sampler for 15 minutes). Hi-Bliss Stress Buster Treatment targets the underlying muscular conditions that cause tension. The benefits are as follows:- – Promotes Blood Circulation – Promotes Detoxification – Relaxes Muscle Strain – Boosts Mental Capacity […]

Anonymous ~ Bruised Eye

An elderly man came to our center with quite a serious injury to his right eye, which had caused bruising and rupture of blood vessels around the eye. Our treatment procedure was to spray hydrogen gas on the injured eye for 45 minutes. After the 45 minutes of treatment on the injured eye, the ‘sandy’ […]

Harmit K. ~ Back Pain and Muscle Spasm

” When I came to this centre I had terrible shoulder pain and Fibromyalgia. My pain has 95% left me and now I only come for maintenance and wellness. The stress buster treatment actually improved my eyesight.  I just love this treatment. It relaxes me and I feel energized especially while walking.” Harmit K.~ February […]

Madam Seow ~ Dry Eyes & Epiphora

“I have been suffering from dry eyes & ephiphora for the past 2 years. After 4 sessions of Hi-Bliss treatment, I felt a significant improvement in my condition. I would like to express my gratitude to Miss May Tan for her professionalism & dedication as well as to Hi-BlissTM for bringing this amazing benefit to […]