Saraswathy ~ Osteoarthritis

“Before the treatment, I was facing severe knee pain and swelling. I had difficulty getting up from sitting position and coming down stairs. After the treatment, the swelling went down considerably after the 1st session and has completely subsided now (after 5th session).  Pain at the knee has lessened a lot. So much easier to […]

Tan L.G. ~ Osteoarthritis

” I had knee pain prior to the treatment. Even though there was no focus on my knees, somehow the pain is gone. Please open a centre in Ipoh, I’ll send my Dad if there is one.” Tan L.G ~ 30 July 2019

Chan Y.L. ~ Pain

” Before the treatment, I was having pain. After the treatment, there is improvement and I am feeling much better. The therapist is very experienced and courteous.” Chan Y.L ~ 30 July 2019

Rodziah I. ~ Osteoarthritis

” I have problem with bending my knee, especially hard when using the staircase. Need to hold something to lift up / stand up. I also had constipation and my shoulders were very stiff. After the treatment, I now feel much better, especially my knees (can bend easily and kneel down). I can also ‘Tidur […]

Yong S.H ~ Pain

” Before the treatment, I was limping and facing difficulty walking. I will experience extreme pain after prolonged walking. I was also facing nerve pain as well on my shins, hip, joints and thighs (especially on the left side).. Syuhada is an exceptional physiotherapist, so are Qystina and Chris for their expert advice and caring […]

Azizfitri Z. ~ Knee Pain

” There was cracking sound and feel pain in my left knee when I wanted to straighten my leg from bend position. After undergoing treatment, I feel improved and less pain. The experience during treatment was relaxing and calm.” Azizfitri Z. ~ June 2019

Mdm Ng B.K. ~ Osteoarthritis

” Madam Ng came to us with pain at her knees and she was dragging her feet while walking. She was also facing pain at her knees when trying to turn in bed, so much so that she has to lift her leg up and support her leg while turning. Sitting and standing up after […]

Sergio P ~ Osteoarthritis

” Very comfortable and explains in details the issue, so I am informed of the root cause of the issues causing discomfort.” Sergio P. ~ April 2019