” Just completed 7.5 detox sessions and felt rejuvenated, the long problem of muscle tightness and spasm is normal. Experienced some detox healing process along the way such as tired eyes the day after but after a good night rest, all is well.
Personally, its best to follow therapist recommendation for good result, after all they are the expert about our body condition. Moreover its wise not to waste the treatments.
The micro blood analysis is also the evidence on progress and most of all the feeling of well being after each session. Do try it for yourself..”

Stephanie Y. ~ June 2019

Thank You Ms Stephanie for your kind words via our Facebook page. We are delighted to hear that you are rejuvenated and your muscle tightness and spasm are a thing of the past.
Thanks as well for the advice given. Our clients are encouraged to follow our Certified Physiotherapists’ advice for best results.