I met Hi Bliss hydrogen therapy through Yan Weien introduction, so I decided to try to see if it can help my high blood pressure problem. I have been taking medicine for a year, and basically every day I have to take medicine to control my blood pressure. For the 33-year-old me, this is a physical burden in the long run. From the first treatment, blood pressure went from 150/112 to the seventh hydrogen treatment and it dropped to 130/90. Thank you, Tiffany, the therapist of BSC Bangsar, who is very careful to treat me every time and help me find out the cause of high blood pressure, and then combine some exercises after returning home. Now I have slowly failed to control my blood pressure with drugs. The environment and staff there are also very friendly, and I feel comfortable physically and mentally every time I go. I will continue to pay attention to more about the benefits of hydrogen to the human body, health is priceless, long live health!.