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Heima J

Finding Hi-Bliss Therapy and a wonderful therapist has been a wonderful and pleasant experience!

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Lee LT

I am happy with the treatment provided by Hi-Bliss BSC. I am coming here weekly for my neck treatment. The therapist Tiffany and her team provided excellent service to my satisfaction.

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Steven A

Have been treated with intensive detox and drinking hydrogen water since 1 year ago, I feel more energetic, the knee is more powerful, and my sugar level is well maintained……
Great experience and recommended therapy and treatment.

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Fuad Q

My shoulder pain for 1 year, now my pain lot better after 5 sessions treatments.
Thank you to Tiffanny, she is really good in treating my pain conditions.

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Estelle L

Came back after I recovered from Covid. Upon completion of 1st session, I felt much relieved from heatiness. After completing 2 more sessions, the post effect of covid which was coughing has reduced as well. The team at Starling mall branch has been extremely helpful and very professional.
Thank you Qystina & Amira & the therapists over there. They would go the extra mile to help you to get the best out of the therapy session.

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Yap PB

How do you feel or How was your health condition before the treatment?

My lower back is very tensed and tight. I feel uneasy and discomfort at my lower back when I am working.  It really disturb my day.

How do you feel after the treatment?

I am painless and I can feel my lower back is lighter. After 4th sessions of treatment, I proceed with detox treatment for my general well-being. I can feel my body is stronger and energetic.

How was your experience during the treatment?

Overall is good.

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Raymond K

Simply Amazing! Since having the booster jab in Nov 2021, have been experiencing severe shoulder & knee joint pains. Looking for alternative treatment on website then I came across Hibliss hydrogen therapy (Drug free). Book a twelve-session therapy and it has reduced the pain & discomfort by more than 60%!!!
My special Thanks to Chris & Amira for their professional assistance & guidance.
Highly recommend!!!

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Aslina M

I can see a lot of improvement. I am very satisfied with the treatment.
So far everything okay.

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Azhari MN

After going for more than 3 session with hi-bliss hydrogen therapy treatment for my psoriasis and shoulder bone pain, I felt my psoriasis had decrease as well as my shoulder pain.
My therapist Tiffanny had done a splendid work assisting me to overcome these 2 issues of my health.
Now l consumed regularly the hydrogen water daily and my wife who also getting hi-Bliss treatment even bought the hi-Bliss water machine for our home so that the whole family can benefit.

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Fairuzzatul A

Satisfied with the treatment experience and helps 3 lot to control my skin disease (psoriasis). I can see the improvement and getting better towards complete the packages. Feel happy!

Thanks Hi-Bliss and all therapists/staffs.

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Tan HC

Very good and satisfied. Continue your service to provide public wellness and awareness.

Thank You.

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Kamariah O

Very eager to please the patient and simple explanation, easy to understand and follow the treatment.
Insya Allah, I can be better again.

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Very effective treatment. Very professional therapist. Thank you for a great experience.
Will definitely recommend this to others.

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Ivan J

I am very happy with the overall experience of the therapy given. There has been improvement compared to before coming for the treatment.
A good job!

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Zachary RJ

There has been great improvement in Zachary's condition since commencing treatment. We appreciate the attentiveness and explanations offered and also for the fact that treatment packages or products are not forced upon the customer / client like in other places.

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