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Helen T

Very satisfied with therapist professionalism and skill. Clean area.

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Puan Adibah

Hi l am Puan Adibah. I had a muscle pull recently. My husband brought me for the High Bliss Hydrogen Theraphy in Bangsar for treatment. After several treatment I feel better. Now I am able to walk and stand more longer when cooking and washing the dishes. This is my first time trying this theraphy and wow …………. You should try this theraphy if you had a back pain or a muscle pull like me. I would recommend this to you. The staff there Stefany she is so knowledgeable to massage, and she is very good to find the pain that you are having with your muscle pull or your back problem...

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Tryphina F

Special thanks for Tiffanny and May for the detailed explanation about my health condition. I felt less pain around my back after the treatment. Keep it up.

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Sunitha K

Glad to have come across Hi Bliss hydrogen therapy that has helped by son immensely with his eczema. Subscribed to the detox package and was happy that my son's flare ups has reduced significantly without having to resort to medication and steroid based creams.

My husband's neck and leg muscle spasms have also stopped since the treatment. Truly appreciate our therapist Ms. Naili for the professional service and attention given. Her thorough explanation and advice on the useful exercises to practice has benefitted us and she is extremely friendly and kind. My son enjoys chatting with her during treatment as she makes him feel comfortable and safe. Evelyn has also been most helpful in her explanation of the type of services offered and assisting in selecting the best packages for our needs.

Thank you both also for always topping up on the hydrogen water for us while we are there.

Keep up the good work!

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SF Moo

The therapist - Tiffanny & the staff here very caring and well-explained my condition. After the treatment, my neck felt more relief.

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Fairuz B

Happy with the result after complete my treatment with Hi-Bliss. Came to know about this alternative treatment which could help for skin disease/issue from social media. Decided to try and requested for woman therapist. Overall process and treatment experience was smooth. As my skin disease is complicated to solve, they advised me to do exercise and having good and healthy lifestyle besides the treatment.

Thank you to Hi-Bliss especially to my therapist, Naili who helped a lot and she always ensure I will feel comfortable during detox treatment. Recommended! And most importantly it's steroid free. I will come again in future (not to say i want to have that skin problem, hehe) but I feel I need to repeat treatment to keep my body fit and healthy.

Thank you again Hi-Bliss!.

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Aman ABH

Pertama kali buat rawatan untuk emak saya yang menghidapi minor stroke secara Hi-Bliss Hydrogen therapy… Saya dapati anggota badan terutama tangan kanan emak saya yang lemah semakin baik. Satu kaedah rawatan yang baru..

Jutaan terima kasih kepada team Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy BSC.

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Julia L

Treatment works beautifully. My left knee flexibility has almost recovered. I could say 80%. A few more sessions I will enjoy dancing again.

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Mr Wong

When I went to see your Consultant before treatment, I could walk but with a lot of pain on both legs. After treatment (several sessions), I was able to walk quite pain free. The therapist especially Michelle was very professional in her approach and treatment. Every step was clearly explained and executed.

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Mr Tan

When Mr. Tan first visited Hi-Bliss, he was suffering from Shingles, a skin disease that causes a lot of damage to the skin. After one week of Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, he experienced significant healing in his skin and reduced scarring.

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I subscribed to stress buster treatment for my shoulder and back problems. I had difficulty sleeping prior the treatment and migraine problem. After the first treatment i can feel the noticeable differences with my shoulder and can immediately sleep better. Overall experience is very good the therapist really knows what they're doing and the exercise recommendations does help me.
Best decision i've ever made in 2021. Thanks Hi-Bliss!!

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Pravin S

I wished I had brought my Mum for Hydrogen Therapy earlier. The Hi-Bliss staff was so friendly and handled my Mum's treatment with utmost care. I will definitely recommend this therapy to my family / relatives / friends.

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Yip BL

I love the eye treatment. It is very effective in reducing lines and tiredness at the eye area. Brings glow to my dull face. By using hydrogen glow mist before sleep, hydrates my face. The next day, its smoother and easier to apply face cream. Thumbs up to the staffs at Penang Centre. Friendly and excellent service.

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Brought my mum for eye treatment. Overall experience is good, and the eye problem is improving. Would recommend for those that interested to give it a try.

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Lam HL

Before treatment, my heel was painful after long hours of standing. Treatment was effective and good. Excellent and good environment with experienced therapist.

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