Madam Low came for skin and wound treatment after tripping over the drainage of house garden on 19th November 2020. 

Here’s what Madam Low had to say before and after the treatment:-

I had a deep wound due to accidentally tripped over the drainage at house garden and this caused me difficulty in walking normally  as it was really painful. Without a second thought, I immediately booked an appointment with Hi-Bliss for my wound treatment.

Within 10 days of 8 sessions treatment, my wound healed very fast and after the 3rdsession, I didn’t feel any more pain from the injured side. During the process, only very little discharge from the wound.

Tiffany, my therapist after analysed in detail on my wound condition, she helped me to apply Hydrogen Water to clean my wound, use Hydrogen Gas to spray on the wound part, in order to reduce inflammation and dry up my wound, followed by dressing done.