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Hydrogen Therapy & The 5 Common Detox Side Effects

Are you suffering from fatigue and tiredness, skin problems, and generally feeling unhealthy?

One of the safest and most natural way to solve these problems is through a Body Detoxification process. However, it is of paramount importance to also familiarize yourself with the possible side effects.

Here are FIVE common side effects during your body detoxification journey:-


It might seem puzzling that fatigue and tiredness is a side effect during a body detoxification process, after all it is well known that the increase of energy and reduction of fatigue is the very reason some people begin their body detoxification journey.

However, this side effect is temporary as the body is being put through a “work-out” to clean its systems, and in the process the body would also lack some of the needed nutrients thus causing fatigue.

At the conclusion of your body detoxification process, among other benefits, you will also witness and experience renewed energy levels, and fatigue will set in less.

2. Headache

Headaches are often painful, and frustrating to the sufferer. It is also an unfortunate side effect in a body detoxification process. There are various reasons that give rise to having headaches during a body detoxification process, but most commonly, it is due to the withdrawal symptom. Withdrawal symptoms may be caused by the consumption on drugs or medication, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.

During the body detoxification process, consumption of the above is preferably avoided, furthermore, during the process, these substances is being eliminated from the body thus contributing to the withdrawal symptom, and thus resulting in a mild headache.

The good news is that after the body detoxification process, your body and its system is free of such substances, and toxin. By reducing your reliance on the substances, at the same time giving you a healthier body.

3. Increased Urination

In all body detoxification process, it is advisable to consume plenty of water, preferably room temperature water. To maximized the beneficial effects of water, we should drink it slowly and up to 2 Litres every day.

Increase water intake will also assist the body to function more effectively during the body detoxification process while at the same time, flushes toxins from the body.

Unfortunately, more liquids equals to more trips to the bathroom.

4. Diarrhea

In additional to making more trips to the bathroom for urination, some may also notice an increase in their bowel movements. During the initial stage, it might come as a form of diarrhea.

While it’s embarrassing, having diarrhea during your body detoxification process is actually good for your body. Why? That’s because it is the most primal, and natural way to expel toxins from the body. In fact, the more often your visits are to the bathroom, the better your body detoxification process is progressing.

5. Nausea

Nausea is another common side effect during body detoxification. Many have experienced this side effect, but causes for it varies. Similar to point No.2, If the person is addicted to certain substance such as alcohol, tobacco, or even caffeine, withdrawal symptoms mightset in during the detoxification process, and a common sign of withdrawalsymptom is feeling nauseated and/or vomiting.

Fortunately, this side effect should subside as the body recover from its withdrawal symptoms, and together with the body detoxification process, a refreshed, and renewed person is reborn with a healthier and cleaner body.

These side effects are the most commonly experienced during the body detoxification process, it is also important to understand that the human body, and its internal system varies from one another. Therefore, some will experience no side effects at all throughout the body detoxification process, while others might experience discomfort on a different scale.

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