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Prevent, Heal & Rehabilitate

Reduce Pain, Regain Mobility

Muscle & Joint Programs

Ease everyday aches, recent injuries and chronic pains with our anti-inflammatory Muscle & Joint Programs. By reducing inflammation and strengthening muscles, we can relieve lower back pain, back pain, neck pain and frozen shoulder. Our natural treatment program can also relieve knee and leg pains caused by osteoarthritis to help you regain your mobility in no time!
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Cleanse, Repair and Energise

Wellness Programs

Protect and re-energise your body with our Wellness Programs. It flushes out toxins, protects your cells from damage, restores organ functions and prevents diseases. Hydrogen Therapy can also treat migraines, promote blood circulation, refresh energy levels and enable your body to work at its optimum.
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Rejuvenate & Revitalise

Skin & Eyecare Programs

Rejuvenate your skin & eyes with our Skin & Eyecare Programs. Hydrogen Therapy combats inflammation on your skin from skin allergies, eczema and psoriasis and through detoxification, it reduces the frequency of flare-ups. Our reparative treatment also helps those with open wounds.
Hydrogen Therapy also hydrates the eyes, reduces eye strain, improves blood circulation and manages eye irritation.
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Targeted Healthcare Solutions for Every Stage of Your Life

Specialised Care Plans

Our holistic approach to healthcare starts with prevention, then treatment and followed by maintenance and rehabilitation. Our rehabilitation programs cover post-stroke & post-radiotherapy / chemotherapy rehabilitation.
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What to Expect During Your Session?

Step 1

Consultation & Assessment

We assess on client’s Complaint, General Health (Medical History, Medical Data, etc) and Social & Family History (Lifestyle, Genetic disease, work situation).
Step 2


Our certified physiotherapist will start Palpation tests to identify the areas with muscle tightness, spasm or inflammation, so as to determine the treatment points. Treatment points may vary from session to session, as they depend on the Client’s body condition on the day.
Step 3

Hydrogen Therapy

Hydrogen gas will be sprayed on the treatment points as prescribed by the health consultant. Hydrogen will reduce inflammation and soften tight muscles and muscle knots to improve physiotherapeutic effectiveness.
Step 4


Manipulation & mobilisation are manual techniques used to improve the mobility and function of your soft tissues, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It mostly includes kneading and manipulation of muscles, joint mobilization and joint manipulation. Manipulation is performed to relieve pain and increase flexibility.
Step 5

Stretching and Strengthening Exercises

Stretching and Strengthening exercises will be done together with the Client and Clients will be reminded to continue with the said exercises at home.
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