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Specialised Care Plans

Targeted Healthcare Solutions for your every need

Our health consultants and physiotherapists are experts in preventing, treating and rehabilitating patients of many conditions. We have experience with helping patients of all ages. We have also helped people with post-stroke and post-chemotherapy rehabilitation.

Postpartum Care Plan

Motherhood should be a journey of love and happiness for both the mother and the child. That is why we have partnered with various postnatal healthcare centres and confinement homes to provide postpartum care to new mothers.
Suitable for mothers who are facing:

Mummy's Wrist


Lower Back Pain


Postpartum Rash

Postpartum Depression

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Child Care Plan

Children are bundles of joy who need to be loved and cared for. Our health consultants and physiotherapists have helped many children live active and healthy lives with our non-invasive therapy. It's safe with no drugs, no pain, and no tears.
Suitable for children who are facing:


Eye Strain



Let Hydrogen Therapy Solve your Problem

Golden Years Care Plan

Make your golden years golden with Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy. Our health consultants and physiotherapists have a lot of experience in managing age-related conditions such as osteoarthritis, joint pains, chronic fatigue, insomnia and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.
Suitable for elderly who are facing:


Liver Cirrhosis

Knee Pain


Hip and Back Pain

Neck and Shoulder Pain

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Post-Surgery Rehabilitative Care Plan

Surgery puts a lot of stress on the body and this stress can appear as inflammation while its healing. Post-surgery inflammation can impede the journey to recovery. Hydrogen neutralises this inflammation so that your healing process goes smoothly and your relief be long-lasting.
Let Hydrogen Therapy Solve your Problem

Post-Stroke Rehabilitative Care Plan

Having a stroke is a traumatic event that must be followed up with appropriate rehabilitative care. That is why we suggest you add Hydrogen Therapy to your rehabilitation journey. The earlier Hydrogen Therapy is administered following a stroke, the better the chances of recovery. Our health consultants and physiotherapists have experience in helping those who have survived their stroke reclaim their active, healthy and happy lives.
Let Hydrogen Therapy Solve your Problem

Post-Chemo / Radio Rehabilitative Care Plan

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy affect your body significantly due to all the toxic free radicals those treatments may generate. Hydrogen Therapy serves to neutralise those toxic free radicals, and repairs your body cells , thus enabling your organs to resume their normal functions.
Let Hydrogen Therapy Solve your Problem

How Do We Help?

Hi-Bliss combines Molecular Hydrogen & Physiotherapy to treat the root cause of your problem and provide long-term relief without adverse side effects!

Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy is

Pain Free

Drug Free

Non Invasive

No Side Effects

Let Hydrogen Therapy Solve your Problem

Our Success Stories

Dr Grace Tay Yue Wen MBBCh BAO (Ire) (hon), a medical doctor and lactation consultant from Gloria Confinement Centre shares her experience with post-partum symptoms and how Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy has helped her experience a pain-free and happy motherhood journey.

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