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Dewi R

I am very happy for knee treatment, it helps to reduce my pain, and I'm able to sleep well because my pain reduce. I am satisfied with the good service, thanks to my therapist Tiffanny for her caring. I will come back for my next treatment.

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Juana B

The treatment helps me a lot with my knee problem with only 5 treatments .Thank you so much to Tiffany for her skills and knowledge and of course the treatment!

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Karen Lau ML

I had pain in my neck, shoulder and lower back area. Stumbled upon the roadshow in Starling and was introduced the 5 sessions package. Praying this would help as I’ve gone through chinese Tit tar which didn’t help, unfortunately.
After the 2nd session, I must say that it had really reduced my level of pain and as I continued every session, I just feel better and better. Now with completed 5sessions, I’m able to have better sleep most days, pain in neck n shoulder has reduced tremendously, lower back pain has significantly dropped and it has enabled me to walk better and longer.
My heartfelt gratefulness goes out to Syu, my amazing, gentle and extremely knowledgeable therapist for walking me through this and teaching me those exercises which I still diligently practise on a daily basis.
Also to Chris who takes the time to listen and educate me in regards to my health and how to maintain and improve my quality of life.
I would strongly encourage anyone who is having pain anywhere to experience this amazing hydrogen therapy to see greater and tangible results.

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Grace T

Q. How do you feel or How was your health condition before the treatment?
A. Fatigue, tiredness due to lack of sleep

Q. How do you feel after the treatment?
A. Fresher & rested

Q. How was your experience during the treatment?
A. relaxing and rejuvenating, was a very enjoyable process

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Lusy K

Fatin is super friendly and helpful, and the treatment is really great. I used it to treat my old arm injury which flare up during pregnancy and then it felt like I had a new arm.
Very happy with service. Will definitely come back.

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Cody C

This treatment make me feel relax and sleep well during the nighttime.

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Christy L


After giving birth, I often have shoulder and lower back pain.
After trying Hi-Bliss postpartum care finally felt relieved.

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Sherman F

Been having acute skin inflammation at both the shin area due to recent hectic working lifestyle before I come across with Hibliss treatment. Done intensively detox program within 2 days can see tremendous improvement at the skin as not much pain and redness on it. Really appreciated the therapist Tiffanny and May for the splendid explanation of my condition.

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Mercy D

The centre staff is polite and welcoming. I have a slip disc issue and the treatment there helps me to recover faster and special thanks to my physiotherapist Naili.
She is being professional, friendly and do not mind to assist me with extra physio practice as well. This is the highly recommended place…

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Rodziah Z

I have been diagnosed osteoarthritis that affecting my knee joints and lately having problems of muscle pain on both legs which caused me to walk or move my legs with excruciating pain. I came to know hibliss online after searching for a solution. When I went to my first appointment I was on crutches. The therapist assigned to me was Naili and she had been really attentive n a real gem. Treatment received was very detailed n I am very satisfied with all the explanation given about my condition. I start to feel big improvement after my 6th session and now after the 10th I am crutch free. Will still need a few more sessions to feel normal again. Thank you Naili n Hi Bliss team.

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VKIDZ PreSchool

Excellent services and the staff very friendly.
Ms Stepheny is very patient and experienced therapist.

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Iwanpo P

Professional and skillful therapy by therapist Naili.
Thank you.

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Nik Firdaus

I had injury to my shoulders and was in a lot pain. Came to Hi Bliss seeking for pain management .
Tiffany my therapist was very knowledgeable and manipulated the muscles really well. I was off pain after a few sessions. I had also improved my movement range incredibly after 18 sessions.
Highly recommended.

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Lim LL

The mist device is really good to rehydrate dry eyes and feel moist for hours!

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Heima J

Finding Hi-Bliss Therapy and a wonderful therapist has been a wonderful and pleasant experience!

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Lee LT

I am happy with the treatment provided by Hi-Bliss BSC. I am coming here weekly for my neck treatment. The therapist Tiffany and her team provided excellent service to my satisfaction.

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Steven A

Have been treated with intensive detox and drinking hydrogen water since 1 year ago, I feel more energetic, the knee is more powerful, and my sugar level is well maintained……
Great experience and recommended therapy and treatment.

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Fuad Q

My shoulder pain for 1 year, now my pain lot better after 5 sessions treatments.
Thank you to Tiffanny, she is really good in treating my pain conditions.

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Estelle L

Came back after I recovered from Covid. Upon completion of 1st session, I felt much relieved from heatiness. After completing 2 more sessions, the post effect of covid which was coughing has reduced as well. The team at Starling mall branch has been extremely helpful and very professional.
Thank you Qystina & Amira & the therapists over there. They would go the extra mile to help you to get the best out of the therapy session.

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Yap PB

How do you feel or How was your health condition before the treatment?

My lower back is very tensed and tight. I feel uneasy and discomfort at my lower back when I am working.  It really disturb my day.

How do you feel after the treatment?

I am painless and I can feel my lower back is lighter. After 4th sessions of treatment, I proceed with detox treatment for my general well-being. I can feel my body is stronger and energetic.

How was your experience during the treatment?

Overall is good.

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Raymond K

Simply Amazing! Since having the booster jab in Nov 2021, have been experiencing severe shoulder & knee joint pains. Looking for alternative treatment on website then I came across Hibliss hydrogen therapy (Drug free). Book a twelve-session therapy and it has reduced the pain & discomfort by more than 60%!!!
My special Thanks to Chris & Amira for their professional assistance & guidance.
Highly recommend!!!

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Aslina M

I can see a lot of improvement. I am very satisfied with the treatment.
So far everything okay.

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Azhari MN

After going for more than 3 session with hi-bliss hydrogen therapy treatment for my psoriasis and shoulder bone pain, I felt my psoriasis had decrease as well as my shoulder pain.
My therapist Tiffanny had done a splendid work assisting me to overcome these 2 issues of my health.
Now l consumed regularly the hydrogen water daily and my wife who also getting hi-Bliss treatment even bought the hi-Bliss water machine for our home so that the whole family can benefit.

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Fairuzzatul A

Satisfied with the treatment experience and helps 3 lot to control my skin disease (psoriasis). I can see the improvement and getting better towards complete the packages. Feel happy!

Thanks Hi-Bliss and all therapists/staffs.

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Tan HC

Very good and satisfied. Continue your service to provide public wellness and awareness.

Thank You.

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Kamariah O

Very eager to please the patient and simple explanation, easy to understand and follow the treatment.
Insya Allah, I can be better again.

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Very effective treatment. Very professional therapist. Thank you for a great experience.
Will definitely recommend this to others.

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Ivan J

I am very happy with the overall experience of the therapy given. There has been improvement compared to before coming for the treatment.
A good job!

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Zachary RJ

There has been great improvement in Zachary's condition since commencing treatment. We appreciate the attentiveness and explanations offered and also for the fact that treatment packages or products are not forced upon the customer / client like in other places.

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Helen T

Very satisfied with therapist professionalism and skill. Clean area.

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Puan Adibah

Hi l am Puan Adibah. I had a muscle pull recently. My husband brought me for the High Bliss Hydrogen Theraphy in Bangsar for treatment. After several treatment I feel better. Now I am able to walk and stand more longer when cooking and washing the dishes. This is my first time trying this theraphy and wow …………. You should try this theraphy if you had a back pain or a muscle pull like me. I would recommend this to you. The staff there Stefany she is so knowledgeable to massage, and she is very good to find the pain that you are having with your muscle pull or your back problem...

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Tryphina F

Special thanks for Tiffanny and May for the detailed explanation about my health condition. I felt less pain around my back after the treatment. Keep it up.

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Sunitha K

Glad to have come across Hi Bliss hydrogen therapy that has helped by son immensely with his eczema. Subscribed to the detox package and was happy that my son's flare ups has reduced significantly without having to resort to medication and steroid based creams.

My husband's neck and leg muscle spasms have also stopped since the treatment. Truly appreciate our therapist Ms. Naili for the professional service and attention given. Her thorough explanation and advice on the useful exercises to practice has benefitted us and she is extremely friendly and kind. My son enjoys chatting with her during treatment as she makes him feel comfortable and safe. Evelyn has also been most helpful in her explanation of the type of services offered and assisting in selecting the best packages for our needs.

Thank you both also for always topping up on the hydrogen water for us while we are there.

Keep up the good work!

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SF Moo

The therapist - Tiffanny & the staff here very caring and well-explained my condition. After the treatment, my neck felt more relief.

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Fairuz B

Happy with the result after complete my treatment with Hi-Bliss. Came to know about this alternative treatment which could help for skin disease/issue from social media. Decided to try and requested for woman therapist. Overall process and treatment experience was smooth. As my skin disease is complicated to solve, they advised me to do exercise and having good and healthy lifestyle besides the treatment.

Thank you to Hi-Bliss especially to my therapist, Naili who helped a lot and she always ensure I will feel comfortable during detox treatment. Recommended! And most importantly it's steroid free. I will come again in future (not to say i want to have that skin problem, hehe) but I feel I need to repeat treatment to keep my body fit and healthy.

Thank you again Hi-Bliss!.

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Aman ABH

Pertama kali buat rawatan untuk emak saya yang menghidapi minor stroke secara Hi-Bliss Hydrogen therapy… Saya dapati anggota badan terutama tangan kanan emak saya yang lemah semakin baik. Satu kaedah rawatan yang baru..

Jutaan terima kasih kepada team Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy BSC.

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Julia L

Treatment works beautifully. My left knee flexibility has almost recovered. I could say 80%. A few more sessions I will enjoy dancing again.

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Mr Wong

When I went to see your Consultant before treatment, I could walk but with a lot of pain on both legs. After treatment (several sessions), I was able to walk quite pain free. The therapist especially Michelle was very professional in her approach and treatment. Every step was clearly explained and executed.

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Mr Tan

When Mr. Tan first visited Hi-Bliss, he was suffering from Shingles, a skin disease that causes a lot of damage to the skin. After one week of Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, he experienced significant healing in his skin and reduced scarring.

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I subscribed to stress buster treatment for my shoulder and back problems. I had difficulty sleeping prior the treatment and migraine problem. After the first treatment i can feel the noticeable differences with my shoulder and can immediately sleep better. Overall experience is very good the therapist really knows what they're doing and the exercise recommendations does help me.
Best decision i've ever made in 2021. Thanks Hi-Bliss!!

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Pravin S

I wished I had brought my Mum for Hydrogen Therapy earlier. The Hi-Bliss staff was so friendly and handled my Mum's treatment with utmost care. I will definitely recommend this therapy to my family / relatives / friends.

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Yip BL

I love the eye treatment. It is very effective in reducing lines and tiredness at the eye area. Brings glow to my dull face. By using hydrogen glow mist before sleep, hydrates my face. The next day, its smoother and easier to apply face cream. Thumbs up to the staffs at Penang Centre. Friendly and excellent service.

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Brought my mum for eye treatment. Overall experience is good, and the eye problem is improving. Would recommend for those that interested to give it a try.

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Lam HL

Before treatment, my heel was painful after long hours of standing. Treatment was effective and good. Excellent and good environment with experienced therapist.

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Dawn J

Therapist Syu is attentive, patient and friendly. Supervisor Chris is attentive, patient and friendly. Their knowledge and service helped improve my pain.

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Chan SO

Gradual improvement was felt on 2nd treatment. Therapist Syu was able to trace the steps to provide comfort and improvement.

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Loo HL

My mum has been complaining of hip pain for about a week, was thinking to bring her for acupuncture but she wasn't keen, until my sister recommended me to Hi-Bliss. While doing the check up, we also noticed that my mum has difficulty moving her leg as she feels pain on the knee, this pain has been there for quite sometime without us noticing. We were surprised to see my mum feels so much better on her hip and also able to move her leg freely after the 1st visit. She get total relief after the 2nd visit. Many thanks to my mum's therapist, Tiffanny, she is good and not forgetting the center manager, Evelyn for taking care of my mum! Highly recommended!

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Came in within short notice due to sudden back pain. Attentive service by both the receptionist and physiotherapist Tiffanny. The hydrogen treatment was something unfamiliar for me, but it manage to achieve quite good result after first treatment. I sign for a package and manage to cure my back pain. Highly recommend.

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Chin PL

Very effective n efficient therapy as I experience, good service as the therapist Ms Tifanny very good in explanation n patient in order to solve my skin and my neck strain problem. If you think you want to get alternative way to solve your join muscle pain, this is the place highly recommended.

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Chee KL

The centre staff is polite, attentive and welcoming.

I have a slip disc issue and the treatment there helps me to recover faster and special thanks to my physiotherapist, Tiffany.

She is professional and do not mind to assist me with extra physio practice than my clinic does.

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Vivienne O

I met Hi Bliss hydrogen therapy through Yan Weien introduction, so I decided to try to see if it can help my high blood pressure problem. I have been taking medicine for a year, and basically every day I have to take medicine to control my blood pressure. For the 33-year-old me, this is a physical burden in the long run. From the first treatment, blood pressure went from 150/112 to the seventh hydrogen treatment and it dropped to 130/90.

Thank you, Tiffany, the therapist of BSC Bangsar, who is very careful to treat me every time and help me find out the cause of high blood pressure, and then combine some exercises after returning home. Now I have slowly failed to control my blood pressure with drugs. The environment and staff there are also very friendly, and I feel comfortable physically and mentally every time I go. I will continue to pay attention to more about the benefits of hydrogen to the human body, health is priceless, long live health!.

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Shivchandran S

Perkhidmatan serta kualiti yang amat baik yang diberikan oleh Tiffanny.

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Mdm C Ng

"I have been having Skin Problem on both my legs for a few years. Both my legs are swollen, itchy, continuously red, blisters with open wounds (sometimes with liquid and sometimes with blood coming out) and black crust plus spots on the sole of my feet.

After the 4th treatment, there was no more itchiness, no more blisters, the open blisters had dried up and the black crust plus spots had reduced. After the 12th treatment, I noticed there was 80% improvement on both my legs. I am very happy and truly appreciate my therapist - Syu's dedication and care.

Thank You Hi-Bliss."

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Siti Aishah O

This is my first experience doing this hydrogen therapy. I enjoyed from the first session experiencing no pain instead your energy is recharged, lighter and renewed.

I have now enrolled for second session. The desired result achieved is very satisfactory. The staff are friendly and know how to explained.

The Therapist Naili has earned my admiration for her work and gentleness and professionalism. Naili indeed has been efficient and dedicated throughout the session. Excellent Performance from Naili.

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Madam Low

I had a deep wound due to accidentally tripped over the drainage at house garden and this caused me difficulty in walking normally as it was really painful. Without a second thought, I immediately booked an appointment with Hi-Bliss for my wound treatment.

Within 10 days of 8 sessions treatment, my wound healed very fast and after the 3rdsession, I didn’t feel any more pain from the injured side. During the process, only very little discharge from the wound.

Tiffany, my therapist after analysed in detail on my wound condition, she helped me to apply Hydrogen Water to clean my wound, use Hydrogen Gas to spray on the wound part, in order to reduce inflammation and dry up my wound, followed by dressing done.

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Tee BK

Managed to reduce my sleeping problem by 80%. Strongly recommend for those with sleeping problem.

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Low AM

It’s of great pleasure to have my treatments in Hi-Bliss Penang. The detox package has helped to build my immune system. I can now say bye bye to my sensitive nose, skin itchiness and pimples. Nevertheless, I do feel my whole body’s stress is relieved after every treatment. Thank you Hi-Bliss!

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Dion I

I came to Hi- Bliss with aching neck and shoulders among other pains due to diabetes and sport injuries. This Amazing journey has approved to be beneficial and has helped me sleep better and mobility has improved. Truly recommended to give it a try for this non- invasive non-drug Hydrogen therapy Blood circulation has improved over tie. You can see it from the nail capillary analysis at the centre. Knowledgeable therapists. Good environment.

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Ong Lai

The therapy at Starling Mall by Syu, she did a good job, help me release my tightness on my shoulder and neck.

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Melissa L

It was really helped up to release my neck tension. It is really good.

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Khor SC

I have the treatment since last year. After treatment I feel my health condition improve a lot. Can sleep well and feel more energetic. The staffs at Starling outlet are very professional, specially Tiffany.

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Chang SI

Before coming to Hi-Bliss my neck and shoulders very stiff. Cannot turn my head and not comfortable to sleep. Upper traps of neck a bit swollen. After treatment the swelling goes down and my neck and shoulder stiffness went off. Can enjoy my sleep now.

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Chin CC

Can sleep better after treatment, shoulder got soften after a few treatments. I already introduced a few friends come for this treatment. Must take 5 sessions treatment to get a better result. Good and satisfied therapy.

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Kishenjeet D

Good service and highly beneficial for overall health. Detox effects does improve the quality of sleep and my gastric problem.

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Gennie T

I had very bad sinus problem for many years, nothing could help except taking medicines to stop the flu. I was being referred by my friend to walk into Hi-Bliss Penang at Tropicana 218 Macalister, to try out the Stress Buster package. I was being greeted by 2 beautiful and helpful ladies. They had offered a good package which had instantly relieved 80% of my problem. No more nose itchiness and numbness after my second treatment, no more sneezing even under freezing cold weather.

Thank you Hi-Bliss and thank you Yvonne and Fatin for your friendliness and cares!

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Chong LV

Hydrogen Therapy is working for my sport's injury (Back Pain). Furthermore, the therapist is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Looking forward to my next session.

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Jacqueline H

"Enjoyed the sessions and services in particular to address personal wellness issues. Well done Syu and Chris ~ very attentive therapist and consultant. Very knowledgeable and easy to understand."

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"Before the treatment, I was facing severe knee pain and swelling. I had difficulty getting up from sitting position and coming down stairs. After the treatment, the swelling went down considerably after the 1st session and has completely subsided now (after 5th session).  Pain at the knee has lessened a lot. So much easier to move around. Getting in and out of the car is no longer a traumatic experience. Enjoyed every session. Very happy with the therapist and consultant’s treatment. My therapist is very patient and gentle. An angel  !! "

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Madam J Lee

Madam Lee, 82 years old from Petaling Jaya was suffering from Shingles and pain for around 2 weeks prior to seeking treatment at our Centre. Although Madam Lee had gone to seek medical treatment (twice) and taken medication, she was still facing acute pain and the blisters she had due to the shingles, were not reducing but instead were increasing in size.

Madam Lee could feel the pain reducing and her blisters drying up (and some scabs had fallen off) just after 2 sessions of Hydrogen Therapy. She continued with Hydrogen Therapy for another time, and was pleasantly surprised that after the 3rd session, her pain was gone and her blisters had healed up nicely. Everything had returned to normal.

Thanks to the Miracles of Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy.

Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy is a powerful and effective treatment to rebuild the body system and restore the body organs functions. It flushes out toxins, protects against cell damage, activates cellular healing and enables our body to regain its optimal condition. It is 100% Natural, Pain-Free, Non-Invasive and Drug-Free treatment.

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" I was having Back Pain and Shoulder Pain. There was sharp pain on my shoulders before the treatment. After the treatment, my pain has been relieved and muscles have been strengthened. Was an insightful experience during the treatment."

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Tan LG

" I had knee pain prior to the treatment. Even though there was no focus on my knees, somehow the pain is gone. Please open a centre in Ipoh, I’ll send my Dad if there is one."

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Chan YL

"Before the treatment, I was having pain. After the treatment, there is improvement and I am feeling much better. The therapist is very experienced and courteous."

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Rodziah I

"I have problem with bending my knee, especially hard when using the staircase. Need to hold something to lift up / stand up. I also had constipation and my shoulders were very stiff. After the treatment, I now feel much better, especially my knees (can bend easily and kneel down). I can also ‘Tidur Nyenyak’ ~ Deep Sleep. Bowel movement is also okay. I feel awesome and fresh. My therapist had also taught me how to do stretching and her service is good."

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Zaleha O (follow up)

"I am very satisfied with the treatment. This is my second come back to Hi-Bliss. I would say my OA treatment increased / boost my confidence to seek second treatment with Hi-Bliss. I am doing Detox treatment and I find it is satisfactory. I can see improvement and glad I came for this treatment. Ms. Ashikin (Penang) and Ms. Syu (Starling Mall) both are very experienced therapists.
I would recommend Hi-Bliss to anyone. ".

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Azimah J

"I would recommend Hi-Bliss therapy for all to experience the journey (in comfort) in order to ease their pain."

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Stephanie Y

"Just completed 7.5 detox sessions and felt rejuvenated, the long problem of muscle tightness and spasm is normal. Experienced some detox healing process along the way such as tired eyes the day after but after a good night rest, all is well.
Personally, its best to follow therapist recommendation for good result, after all they are the expert about our body condition. Moreover its wise not to waste the treatments.
The micro blood analysis is also the evidence on progress and most of all the feeling of well being after each session. Do try it for yourself.."

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"I find very caring and loving staff here. Keep it up. "

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David Y

"Before the treatment, I didn't sleep well and was always feeling cold. I was easily getting tired as well. After the treatment, I can sleep better (and longer) as previously I used to sleep 5 hours at night, but now I can sleep longer up to 7 hours at night. I don't feel as cold as before and I feel more energetic."

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Yong SH

" Before the treatment, I was limping and facing difficulty walking. I will experience extreme pain after prolonged walking. I was also facing nerve pain as well on my shins, hip, joints and thighs (especially on the left side).. Syuhada is an exceptional physiotherapist, so are Qystina and Chris for their expert advice and caring advice.I believe I am getting somewhere with Hi-Bliss. "

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Azizfitri Z

"There was cracking sound and feel pain in my left knee when I wanted to straighten my leg from bend position. After undergoing treatment, I feel improved and less pain. The experience during treatment was relaxing and calm."

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PH Foo

"I was coughing on and off for a year before the treatment. After various sessions of the treatment, my cough actually subsided a lot, which is a good sign the treatment is effective. I feel comfortable and peaceful as I know I'm in good hands, which is why I can doze off sometimes, which is a very hard thing for me since this is very rare for me."

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Amy L

" Ms Amy was facing issues sleeping (especially deep sleep) which caused her to have frequent lack of energy during the day. After under-going Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, her quality of sleep has improved (as she can now enjoy deep sleep) and she feels re-energized during the day."

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Mdm Ng BW

"Madam Ng came to us with pain at her knees and she was dragging her feet while walking. She was also facing pain at her knees when trying to turn in bed, so much so that she has to lift her leg up and support her leg while turning. Sitting and standing up after going to toilet was also a very painful process."

We are delighted with Madam Ng's progress and that she hardly feels pain at her knees (while turning during sleep, sit to stand after toilet) and that she no longer drags her feet anymore while walking.

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Madam Ong

" It's a pleasure coming to Hi-Bliss for Hydrogen Therapy every single day. The therapy is effective, comfortable and relaxing. Will be recommending your wonderful service and results to friends."

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Airene H

"A lot of improvement. My therapist, Syu is very good and attentive to my issues."

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HC Woon

"Nur Jasmi is very detailed and attentive therapist. She makes sure I’m very comfortable and explains everything in detail.  My range of motion has improved as well."

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" Felt a vast improvement on my legs after the therapy. The pain on my left foot has also lessened. Staff here are courteous, friendly and explains well on the therapy."

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Madam Ng

" I used to feel pain, especially on my right leg whenever I tried to turn in bed. I had to literally lift up my right leg up before turning. The pain was also unbearable every time I stood up after sitting down. I was also dragging my feet when walking as I felt my feet/legs were very heavy.

After undergoing treatment, I could easily turn in bed and stand up after sitting down, without pain. I could also now walk faster as I was no longer dragging my feet/legs. The treatment is comfortable and most importantly pain-free."

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Sergio P

" Very comfortable and explains in details the issue, so I am informed of the root cause of the issues causing discomfort."

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Chong EM

"Overall the therapy for the neck pain - gave me a lot of relief (felt less pain after the 1st session). After the 4th treatment, the lower back pain was gone. Until now, I no longer feel pain at the neck, shoulder and lower back, especially when I bend and walk."

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Catherine T

"Both Chris and Syu gave me 110% attention, encouragement and assurances. Love the service here. "

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Leong MJ

"The team of therapists are highly trained and are very supportive. They are attentive to customers’ needs. Highly recommend for seeking their professional service."

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" Syu has very special touch that makes her massage and treatment very effective. She is the best therapist I have met so far compared to other therapists in other places. "

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" Mdm Ng had suffered a stroke around 2 years ago, leaving her to be a paraplegic on the left side of her body, with slurred speech. She was unable to stand properly as both her legs are very weak, in addition to poor coordination. With the assistance from her husband, she came to seek Hi-Bliss treatment. Mdm. Ng has experienced vast improvement in terms of her speech (she can now speak clearer), muscles at both legs have strengthen up to 50% and no more pain at her hands and legs. "

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Emelee L

" Generally I am very healthy but suddenly was hit by a sciatic pain on my right ankle portion. After the treatment, I do not have any sciatic pain anymore. This is a huge relief for me because when the pain hits me, I feel so helpless and have no mood or desire to do anything.

Michelle is my therapist. She has been very patient, caring and helpful. She guided me through a series of stretching and customised exercises after each Hydrogen therapy treatment which has really helped me to deal with my lower lumber that caused the sciatic. In my own experience, Hydrogen treatment coupled with Michelle's guiding exercises has really helped me recover. "

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Lee AG

" I have been having pain at both his legs for the past 3 - 4 years. I could not walk far nor fast due to the pain.

I am a Diabetic and have High Cholesterol plus issues with my Blood Pressure. Besides that, for the past 20 years, my sleep is constantly disrupted as I have to wake up frequently at night to urinate (at least 4 times per night). After under-going just 3 treatments, I can now walk further and smoother and even my frequency of urination has reduced from 4 times per night to 2 times per night.

Overall, the treatment feels good and comfortable. "

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An elderly man came to our center with quite a serious injury to his right eye, which had caused bruising and rupture of blood vessels around the eye.

Our treatment procedure was to spray hydrogen gas on the injured eye for 45 minutes. After the 45 minutes of treatment on the injured eye, the 'sandy' feeling on the eye disappeared and bruising was reduced. The client continued his treatment for 8 more times.

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Harmit K

" When I came to this centre I had terrible shoulder pain and Fibromyalgia. My pain has 95% left me and now I only come for maintenance and wellness. The stress buster treatment actually improved my eyesight.

I just love this treatment. It relaxes me and I feel energized especially while walking."

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Nicole L

" Overall very satisfying treatment. Less pain on problem area, before the treatment, I couldn’t even sit for 5 minutes without pain, I couldn’t even sit straight but now I can sit straight for hours without feeling the pain."

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Steven C

Steven was having blister at the bottom area of his right eye. The blister was itchy with mild redness and this was causing discomfort to him as he had to resist from scratching and rubbing the blister. After the 1st treatment, the itchiness and redness reduced. After under-going just 4 treatments, the itchiness and redness together with the scars had disappeared.

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Chloe C

Ms Chloe has been suffering from Eczema for more than 20 years (since primary school). She was only applying cream to ease the itchiness and redness. We had treated the eczema spot on her forehead and after 15 minutes of Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, there was a noticeable improvement to the redness and the discoloration on the skin around the area (both had reduced).

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Constance C

Elisa K

Lee KY

Wong CH

Mr. Wong was facing difficulty sleeping and eating/swallowing as he constantly felt pain at his tumor area (tongue). We noticed that the area around the tumor was swollen (inflamed), which may be the cause of his constant pain around the area. At times, the pain worsens and causing him frequent headaches. There were numerous occasions where the pain was so bad that Mr. Wong could not open his mouth hence could not speak and eat/swallow food. He was on prescription medication as well.

After diligently under-going Hi-Bliss Intensive Detox, Mr. Wong's tumor mass had a gradual reduction in size. He could also reduced his dependency on the medication after 2 months of treatment. On the 3rd month of treatment, Mr. Wong had informed us that the tumor (which has been reducing in size), had disappeared. We were pleasantly surprised and happy for him.

Mr. Wong has since then been having a normal pain-free life - can eat, chew, swallow and his appetite has also returned to normal.

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Madam Yeat

" When Madam Yeat first came to see us, she had informed that she was having eczema on both her legs. She mentioned that her condition triggers and worsens when she is stressed. We had also noticed that her skin condition was rather dry, with a small open wound on one of the spots. She admitted that she had scratched one of the spots on her right leg as it was extremely itchy, until it bled.

After undergoing a few sessions of hydrogen treatment, her skin was less itchy, less redness noticed and less dry. Madam Yeat can now enjoy restful and uninterrupted sleep as there is no more itchiness."

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Irfan R

" 1-Day duration of Pain. 1-time treatment, pain reduced from 7 to 1 in scale . Surprisingly effective in reducing pain to manageable levels."

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Puan Suhaiza

When we first met Puan Suhaiza (back in Aug 2018), she expressed that she has been suffering from Diabetes Mellitus for 20+ years and her 2 big toes had open wounds. Upon further examination, our consultants saw that one of her toes on her right foot had been amputated due to infection. She was taking antibiotics to manage her infections and she was also reliant on Insulin for her diabetes. She has to constantly visit the clinic to get her open wounds cleaned and treated.

Upon starting the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen treatment, our Consultants had also advised her on dietary requirements together with advice on cleanliness and safety precautions to avoid any further mishaps that could result in open wounds. Upon Puan Suhaiza's 7th treatment session, we observed that there was noticeable difference, as in the wounds were starting to dry up and heal. Even Puan Suhaiza's son who always accompanies her for treatment was surprised. The wounds continued to heal and close up nicely (visible tissue forming) and by the 13th session, we had also noticed that Puan Suhaiza's Blood Sugar/Glucose level had dropped from 20 mmol to 6 - 7 mmol.

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Wong CM

" The first time I started this treatment was due to my waist pain and after the third treatment, the pain was lesser and today is my last (fourth) treatment I feel more better and comfortable. "

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" I can feel so much better after the treatment. I don't feel back pain so much now. I can relax and feel free to walk better now, each time I came for treatment. I hope to get better after my treatment."

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Michelle N

" When I first started Hi-Bliss treatment, I was in a weak condition. I had kidney stones (performance of my kidney was left - 31% and right - 59%), every time I pass urine will have pain sensation, easy to have urine infection. To add to that, my blood pressure was unstable, body cold and numbness on both hand and leg plus always dizzy.

After undergoing 10 sessions of treatment, I no longer felt any pain after urine. After the 15th treatment, my numbness reduced and body temperature less cold. After my 35th treatment, during my period, my Blood Pressure is stable, no more dizziness, numbness on both hand and leg reduced a lot. In October, during check up, Doctor report confirmed my kidney stone had disappeared."

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Zaleha O

" I am happy today because the treatment works well for me. I feel good. The condition of my leg improved a lot. I hope the treatment will sustain the 'good condition'. I came all the way from Kedah and I have high hope that the treatment give positive recovery to me. "

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Jennie L

" When I first came to Hi-Bliss centre, my knees, legs and ankles were very painful. After a few treatments, the pain in my legs and ankles had lessened plus the thigh muscles were more relaxed. I used to have to sit down after some 5 minutes of walking but now I can walk up to some 12 minutes. I could also stand better, don't get tired so easily as before. I am deeply satisfied with the treatment at Hi-Bliss. "

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Abd Jalil

Encik Abdul Jalil, a father of 3 who hails from Klang, has been suffering from Atopic Eczema for over 35 years. He was on prescription medication, taking steroid (once a week for past 20+ years) and used topical creams to control his condition. When we first met him, he had itchiness and redness all over his body and the condition worsens during hot weather, stress and when he has not enough sleep.
After under-going 40 sessions of Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Treatment, En. Abd Jalil has stopped taking steroid completely. His skin condition has improved tremendously - and is not as red nor inflamed as before treatment.

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Shia CS

"Hi, I’m Shia CS and I would like to share my recent experience here at Compassionate Care Center. I have been suffering from pain at both knees and legs for past 1 year. Previously I could not walk far nor long, only around 20 steps before I had to sit down and rest. In the morning, I have trouble getting out from bed as I had to look for things to hold on and for support. I have tried various treatments like acupuncture, tui na, and have taken countless medication to relief the pain but nothing was effective.

One day, I heard of Compassionate Care Foundation through China Press and I had decided to try to apply for the treatment. After under-going treatment for around 3 - 5 times, I could feel the vast improvement in my mobility and the pain had also reduced tremendously. I can now get out of bed easily and I can also walk a longer distance. The staff are very friendly and caring, especially my therapist, Syu. Syu is very patient, kind and had taught me various exercises to do at home, mainly to strengthen my knees and legs.

I am thankful to Compassionate Care Foundation for the free treatments and also China Press for featuring them. "

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Madam Lee

Let’s join Madam Lee as she shares with us her amazing journey and her experience with Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy.

" Madam Lee, 80 years old from Penang was bitten by a rove beetle and had been suffering in pain from the bite wounds. Despite going through 2 courses of antibiotics prescribed by her doctor, including prescription ointment for application, her condition did not improve. There was still pus and blood, and the bite wound didn’t seem to dry up. That was when her niece introduced Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy to her. After under-going the first treatment, Madam Lee’s wound dried up and her pain reduced tremendously. She continued with the treatment for two more times, with her wounds completely dried up and even the dark spots on her arms were lighten (almost disappeared). Thanks to the Miracle of Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy.."

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Chan Tong

" Let’s hear from one of our younger clients, Chan Tong (28) who was suffering from a viral infection of the facial nerve which had led to partial facial paralysis. The viral infection had caused inflammation of the facial nerve, which commonly causes the muscles on one side of the face to become paralyzed. Chan Tong had related his experience on partial facial paralysis to that of a stroke patient, as he could not blink his eye, had no facial expression on his face and he could barely move half of his face.
Chan Tong had tried a few treatments like acupuncture (which he has said was excruciatingly painful) and physiotherapy was just like a massage on his face. After one week of suffering through his Acupuncture treatments, Chan Tong had to give up as the pain was unbearable.

After undergoing Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, he could feel some movement in his face and eye. Chan Tong had also mentioned that his quality of sleep and sleeping patterns had improved as well with the treatment and his insomnia seems to be a thing of the past. "

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Our client Max Wong has been suffering from Eczema since young and in the recent years, the condition has worsen. Max had tried various types of medications and treatments throughout the years but none of them could help solve his problem.

After undergoing the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, Max’s skin condition has improved tremendously but more importantly, the pain and fear associated with taking baths are now a thing of the past. Previously, Max had to mentally prepare himself to face the pain every time he needed to take a bath (as he will have to endure the excruciating pain when water is sprayed on the open wounds on his back).

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Kamarul R

"This is a regular back pain where under normal conditions, it takes 2 weeks to cure after hot oil treatment. With Hi-Bliss, it only took 2 sessions to feel better. 1st day - 90% relief; 2nd day - 100% relief."

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Koh BT

I have been suffering from shoulder pain for 7 years ever since contracting dengue fever. I tried all types of treatment but none of them seems to relieve my pain until someone introduced me to Hi-Bliss treatment. I felt my pain relieved. I am really thankful that Hi-Bliss is able to treat my ailment. Now, there is increased flexibility in my arm and I can raise my arm easily.

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Francissca T

"After the therapy with Hi-Bliss, it's such a relief because my back pain problem getting better and no more pain. It relieves 80% of my back pain."

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Joyce L

" I have suffered this pain and stiffness around my thumb and wrist area for more than 6 months and the pain was excruciating when I was overseas due to cold weather. I was looking for a solution to clear the pain and stiffness as it was bothering me.

After the 1st treatment, I experienced an immediate relief and the pain subsided. Stiffness around my thumb area reduced considerably. With another 3 treatments, I must admit that the pain has subsided a lot and the stiffness is relieved.

I would definitely recommend my friends & family to experience the therapy and enjoy a better quality of life."

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Harold K

" When I came into Hi-Bliss center, my left arm & back (left shoulder blade) was very painful especially at night when I sleep. My left arm & shoulder were so painful till I could wake up at times in the middle of my sleep. After my 3rd Hi-Bliss treatment, my back & left arm reduced to 3/10 from 7/10 pain level.

My neck pain has been on/off occurring since >10 years already. Whenever I did not sleep on the right position on my pillow or travelling in plane/bus, my neck will be very painful and most of the time, the pain will cause migraine. I have to resolve the pain with painkiller. Last night, I didn't sleep well on my pillow but the pain went off when I woke up in the morning. Hi-Bliss really works."

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Mohd Zin M

"My 1st experience. My shoulder pain is much much better, 95 % cured. Lower back pain has improved a lot about 80% cured. Yes, I won't hesitate to recommend to family and friends to do this treatment."

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Lawrence N

"Yesterday 28/07/2016, I came for the 1st time for treatment. I have been suffering excruciating pain at the back of my collar bone muscles. I literally couldn't breathe while sleeping and neither could I lift my left hand due to the radiating pain throughout my body. But, thank god, Ms Jayse introduced me Hi-Bliss, within minutes from 100% pain to just a mere 5% pain."

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Madam Seow

"I have been suffering from dry eyes & epiphora for the past 2 years. After 4 sessions of Hi-Bliss treatment, I felt a significant improvement in my condition. I would like to express my gratitude to Miss May Tan for her professionalism & dedication as well as to Hi-BlissTM for bringing this amazing benefit to me."

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James K

Our client, James has been suffering from frozen shoulder for about a year. He had tried physiotherapy and exercises but his pain level remained at 8 - 9 ( 10=most severe pain; 1= least pain) and that stopped him from continuing the exercises and physiotherapy sessions.

When he was introduced to Hi-Bliss Pain Relief Treatment, he was surprised that after just 30 minutes of treatment, his pain level dropped from 8 - 9 to 2 - 3. Throughout the treatment, he felt relaxed without any pain at all!

He was very satisfied and had brought other friends over to try the Hi-Bliss Treatment!

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Lee SC

Mr Lee Siew Chai sought treatment at Hi-Bliss centre after learning that his friend had benefited from Hi-Bliss therapy. When he first approached Hi-Bliss, he was suffering from 3 health-related problems:-

1. Diabetes – blood sugar level dropped from 7 to 4.6 mmol/L He was suffering from diabetes. His blood sugar level hit 10 mmol/L at one point, and only after months of medication, the level dropped to 7 mmol/L. After undergoing 3 months of Hi-Bliss Detox & Wellness Treatment, his blood sugar level dropped from 7 to 4.6 mmol/L (healthy level is 4.0-6.0 mmol/L) without any medication! He is now off medication and his blood sugar level is completely under control.

2. Shoulder Pain ~ After a fall, he hurt his shoulder and suffered pain for a year. Throughout that year, he sought Chinese Tit Tar Treatment, but it failed to solve his problem. To his great surprise, after just ONE 30-minute session of Hi-Bliss Pain Relief treatment, his shoulder pain was gone! Better still, the pain never came back!

3. Disability of Left Leg Another issue which plagued him was a persistent pain on his left leg caused by an earlier accident. This pain was so severe that he had to use a wheelchair. Whenever he tried to walk, the longest he could stand up was for 1 minute only! After his shoulder pain was healed following the Hi-Bliss treatment, he had no hesitation to try the same treatment for his leg pain. The result was tremendous -- he can now stand for 10 minutes….a 10 times improvement over his previous condition!!!

He is indeed an extremely satisfied & happy client now, all thanks to Hi-Bliss!

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Ithnin M

Our client Mr. Ithnin Bin Mahpor has been suffering from a condition known as Motor Neuron Disease (MND) for 2 years, during which his muscles shrank.
The early symptoms he felt were: weakness in his whole body, shoulder pain and fingers on both his hands getting out of shape, in addition to that his speech had become slower and blurred.
He is currently undergoing physiotherapy in order to slow down the process of muscle shrinkage. He has also tried various traditional treatments, but these did not improve his condition.

However, when he was introduced to Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Treatment, he experienced significant improvements as follows:-
* Swelling at the neck - reduced tremendously and can now easily turn his head to the left and right.
* Phlegm - reduced a lot enabling him to sleep better at night.
* Appetite - increased
* Weight - increased from 52kg to 59kg
* More Energetic

Friends commented that he does not look like a patient anymore; and that he looks normal and healthy.
He and his wife were very satisfied with what Hi-Bliss therapy could do for him. Even though the doctor said that there is no medical cure for MND, yet a small miracle seemed to be happening at Hi-Bliss!!!

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Seow W.K

Our client Mr. Seow W.K was suffering from Hepatitis C and liver failure. He was told by his doctor that he would not have long to live, as 2/3 of his liver had hardened and the remaining 1/3 of the liver was swollen and inflamed.

After 3 months of undergoing Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, the doctor was surprised at his tremendous improvement:-
* No more inflammation and swelling of his liver
* Hardened parts of his liver showed signs of activity
* Rapid heartbeat at rest dropped from 120 bpm to 90 bpm
* Blood pressure dropped from 140 to 120/80
* More energetic, better quality sleep, less easily irritated

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Teresa W

Madam Teresa Wong was suffering from severe skin allergy for 30 years caused by mercury poisoning. She had tried many Chinese and Western treatments and medications but none of them could solve the root cause of her problem. The allergy triggered severe itchiness resulting in scratch marks all over her body. A small wound would take 1-2 years to heal, leaving behind dark scars. She also could not sleep well at night.

After undergoing Hi-Bliss hydrogen treatment for 2 months, she experienced significant improvements:-

Wound recovery in days instead of years
No more itchiness
Lightening of scratch marks
Glowing skin
Better quality sleep

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Madam Teh

"我有先天性糖尿病二十多年了。我在6/5/2017 起床后,右脚觉得好重,右脚必须拖着走路时很害怕,好担心。经过朋友的介绍我来到 Hi-Bliss 的治疗所治疗了三天。右脚重的感觉减轻,像如常走路似的,只不过力气还没完全恢复。现在上下楼梯可以一步一阶级,不需要任何拐杖的帮助了。


之前上厕所排尿不多, 现在排尿次数虽然一样但是量增加。之前也没什么胃口,现在胃口也改善。我还在进行治疗中,希望有更大的改善。”

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Anna L

"I was initially quite skeptical but decided to give it a try. After just one treatment, the pain on my lower back was much better. I was quite surprised at its effectiveness."

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"Back muscle relief after one treatment which caused me constantly stiffness and tired."

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Loo SP

"I had shingles since January 2017. I went to a doctor who put me on a course of antibiotics and medicine for my condition. The open wound did not heal and it was bleeding on and off. I thought of going for surgical treatment for it.

My sister, Marilyn introduced me to Hi-Bliss at an exhibition in Starling. I had Hydrogen therapy for 15 minutes and the open wound was closed."

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