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Low KT

Pain in right arm and difficulty in lifting fully. Tightness is noted on her left side upper limb.

Treatment Program
Muscle & Joint Program

Significant improvement in mobility within 3 sessions.

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Dewi R

I am very happy for knee treatment, it helps to reduce my pain, and I'm able to sleep well because my pain reduce. I am satisfied with the good service, thanks to my therapist Tiffanny for her caring. I will come back for my next treatment.

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Juana B

The treatment helps me a lot with my knee problem with only 5 treatments .Thank you so much to Tiffany for her skills and knowledge and of course the treatment!

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Karen Lau ML

I had pain in my neck, shoulder and lower back area. Stumbled upon the roadshow in Starling and was introduced the 5 sessions package. Praying this would help as I’ve gone through chinese Tit tar which didn’t help, unfortunately.
After the 2nd session, I must say that it had really reduced my level of pain and as I continued every session, I just feel better and better. Now with completed 5sessions, I’m able to have better sleep most days, pain in neck n shoulder has reduced tremendously, lower back pain has significantly dropped and it has enabled me to walk better and longer.
My heartfelt gratefulness goes out to Syu, my amazing, gentle and extremely knowledgeable therapist for walking me through this and teaching me those exercises which I still diligently practise on a daily basis.
Also to Chris who takes the time to listen and educate me in regards to my health and how to maintain and improve my quality of life.
I would strongly encourage anyone who is having pain anywhere to experience this amazing hydrogen therapy to see greater and tangible results.

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Grace T

Q. How do you feel or How was your health condition before the treatment?
A. Fatigue, tiredness due to lack of sleep

Q. How do you feel after the treatment?
A. Fresher & rested

Q. How was your experience during the treatment?
A. relaxing and rejuvenating, was a very enjoyable process

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Lusy K

Fatin is super friendly and helpful, and the treatment is really great. I used it to treat my old arm injury which flare up during pregnancy and then it felt like I had a new arm.
Very happy with service. Will definitely come back.

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Cody C

This treatment make me feel relax and sleep well during the nighttime.

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Christy L


After giving birth, I often have shoulder and lower back pain.
After trying Hi-Bliss postpartum care finally felt relieved.

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Sherman F

Been having acute skin inflammation at both the shin area due to recent hectic working lifestyle before I come across with Hibliss treatment. Done intensively detox program within 2 days can see tremendous improvement at the skin as not much pain and redness on it. Really appreciated the therapist Tiffanny and May for the splendid explanation of my condition.

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Mercy D

The centre staff is polite and welcoming. I have a slip disc issue and the treatment there helps me to recover faster and special thanks to my physiotherapist Naili.
She is being professional, friendly and do not mind to assist me with extra physio practice as well. This is the highly recommended place…

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Rodziah Z

I have been diagnosed osteoarthritis that affecting my knee joints and lately having problems of muscle pain on both legs which caused me to walk or move my legs with excruciating pain. I came to know hibliss online after searching for a solution. When I went to my first appointment I was on crutches. The therapist assigned to me was Naili and she had been really attentive n a real gem. Treatment received was very detailed n I am very satisfied with all the explanation given about my condition. I start to feel big improvement after my 6th session and now after the 10th I am crutch free. Will still need a few more sessions to feel normal again. Thank you Naili n Hi Bliss team.

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VKIDZ PreSchool

Excellent services and the staff very friendly.
Ms Stepheny is very patient and experienced therapist.

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Iwanpo P

Professional and skillful therapy by therapist Naili.
Thank you.

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Nik Firdaus

I had injury to my shoulders and was in a lot pain. Came to Hi Bliss seeking for pain management .
Tiffany my therapist was very knowledgeable and manipulated the muscles really well. I was off pain after a few sessions. I had also improved my movement range incredibly after 18 sessions.
Highly recommended.

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Lim LL

The mist device is really good to rehydrate dry eyes and feel moist for hours!

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