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Francissca T

"After the therapy with Hi-Bliss, it's such a relief because my back pain problem getting better and no more pain. It relieves 80% of my back pain."

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Joyce L

" I have suffered this pain and stiffness around my thumb and wrist area for more than 6 months and the pain was excruciating when I was overseas due to cold weather. I was looking for a solution to clear the pain and stiffness as it was bothering me.

After the 1st treatment, I experienced an immediate relief and the pain subsided. Stiffness around my thumb area reduced considerably. With another 3 treatments, I must admit that the pain has subsided a lot and the stiffness is relieved.

I would definitely recommend my friends & family to experience the therapy and enjoy a better quality of life."

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Harold K

" When I came into Hi-Bliss center, my left arm & back (left shoulder blade) was very painful especially at night when I sleep. My left arm & shoulder were so painful till I could wake up at times in the middle of my sleep. After my 3rd Hi-Bliss treatment, my back & left arm reduced to 3/10 from 7/10 pain level.

My neck pain has been on/off occurring since >10 years already. Whenever I did not sleep on the right position on my pillow or travelling in plane/bus, my neck will be very painful and most of the time, the pain will cause migraine. I have to resolve the pain with painkiller. Last night, I didn't sleep well on my pillow but the pain went off when I woke up in the morning. Hi-Bliss really works."

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Mohd Zin M

"My 1st experience. My shoulder pain is much much better, 95 % cured. Lower back pain has improved a lot about 80% cured. Yes, I won't hesitate to recommend to family and friends to do this treatment."

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Lawrence N

"Yesterday 28/07/2016, I came for the 1st time for treatment. I have been suffering excruciating pain at the back of my collar bone muscles. I literally couldn't breathe while sleeping and neither could I lift my left hand due to the radiating pain throughout my body. But, thank god, Ms Jayse introduced me Hi-Bliss, within minutes from 100% pain to just a mere 5% pain."

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Madam Seow

"I have been suffering from dry eyes & epiphora for the past 2 years. After 4 sessions of Hi-Bliss treatment, I felt a significant improvement in my condition. I would like to express my gratitude to Miss May Tan for her professionalism & dedication as well as to Hi-BlissTM for bringing this amazing benefit to me."

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James K

Our client, James has been suffering from frozen shoulder for about a year. He had tried physiotherapy and exercises but his pain level remained at 8 - 9 ( 10=most severe pain; 1= least pain) and that stopped him from continuing the exercises and physiotherapy sessions.

When he was introduced to Hi-Bliss Pain Relief Treatment, he was surprised that after just 30 minutes of treatment, his pain level dropped from 8 - 9 to 2 - 3. Throughout the treatment, he felt relaxed without any pain at all!

He was very satisfied and had brought other friends over to try the Hi-Bliss Treatment!

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Lee SC

Mr Lee Siew Chai sought treatment at Hi-Bliss centre after learning that his friend had benefited from Hi-Bliss therapy. When he first approached Hi-Bliss, he was suffering from 3 health-related problems:-

1. Diabetes – blood sugar level dropped from 7 to 4.6 mmol/L He was suffering from diabetes. His blood sugar level hit 10 mmol/L at one point, and only after months of medication, the level dropped to 7 mmol/L. After undergoing 3 months of Hi-Bliss Detox & Wellness Treatment, his blood sugar level dropped from 7 to 4.6 mmol/L (healthy level is 4.0-6.0 mmol/L) without any medication! He is now off medication and his blood sugar level is completely under control.

2. Shoulder Pain ~ After a fall, he hurt his shoulder and suffered pain for a year. Throughout that year, he sought Chinese Tit Tar Treatment, but it failed to solve his problem. To his great surprise, after just ONE 30-minute session of Hi-Bliss Pain Relief treatment, his shoulder pain was gone! Better still, the pain never came back!

3. Disability of Left Leg Another issue which plagued him was a persistent pain on his left leg caused by an earlier accident. This pain was so severe that he had to use a wheelchair. Whenever he tried to walk, the longest he could stand up was for 1 minute only! After his shoulder pain was healed following the Hi-Bliss treatment, he had no hesitation to try the same treatment for his leg pain. The result was tremendous -- he can now stand for 10 minutes….a 10 times improvement over his previous condition!!!

He is indeed an extremely satisfied & happy client now, all thanks to Hi-Bliss!

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Ithnin M

Our client Mr. Ithnin Bin Mahpor has been suffering from a condition known as Motor Neuron Disease (MND) for 2 years, during which his muscles shrank.
The early symptoms he felt were: weakness in his whole body, shoulder pain and fingers on both his hands getting out of shape, in addition to that his speech had become slower and blurred.
He is currently undergoing physiotherapy in order to slow down the process of muscle shrinkage. He has also tried various traditional treatments, but these did not improve his condition.

However, when he was introduced to Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Treatment, he experienced significant improvements as follows:-
* Swelling at the neck - reduced tremendously and can now easily turn his head to the left and right.
* Phlegm - reduced a lot enabling him to sleep better at night.
* Appetite - increased
* Weight - increased from 52kg to 59kg
* More Energetic

Friends commented that he does not look like a patient anymore; and that he looks normal and healthy.
He and his wife were very satisfied with what Hi-Bliss therapy could do for him. Even though the doctor said that there is no medical cure for MND, yet a small miracle seemed to be happening at Hi-Bliss!!!

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Seow W.K

Our client Mr. Seow W.K was suffering from Hepatitis C and liver failure. He was told by his doctor that he would not have long to live, as 2/3 of his liver had hardened and the remaining 1/3 of the liver was swollen and inflamed.

After 3 months of undergoing Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, the doctor was surprised at his tremendous improvement:-
* No more inflammation and swelling of his liver
* Hardened parts of his liver showed signs of activity
* Rapid heartbeat at rest dropped from 120 bpm to 90 bpm
* Blood pressure dropped from 140 to 120/80
* More energetic, better quality sleep, less easily irritated

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Teresa W

Madam Teresa Wong was suffering from severe skin allergy for 30 years caused by mercury poisoning. She had tried many Chinese and Western treatments and medications but none of them could solve the root cause of her problem. The allergy triggered severe itchiness resulting in scratch marks all over her body. A small wound would take 1-2 years to heal, leaving behind dark scars. She also could not sleep well at night.

After undergoing Hi-Bliss hydrogen treatment for 2 months, she experienced significant improvements:-

Wound recovery in days instead of years
No more itchiness
Lightening of scratch marks
Glowing skin
Better quality sleep

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Madam Teh

"我有先天性糖尿病二十多年了。我在6/5/2017 起床后,右脚觉得好重,右脚必须拖着走路时很害怕,好担心。经过朋友的介绍我来到 Hi-Bliss 的治疗所治疗了三天。右脚重的感觉减轻,像如常走路似的,只不过力气还没完全恢复。现在上下楼梯可以一步一阶级,不需要任何拐杖的帮助了。


之前上厕所排尿不多, 现在排尿次数虽然一样但是量增加。之前也没什么胃口,现在胃口也改善。我还在进行治疗中,希望有更大的改善。”

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Anna L

"I was initially quite skeptical but decided to give it a try. After just one treatment, the pain on my lower back was much better. I was quite surprised at its effectiveness."

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"Back muscle relief after one treatment which caused me constantly stiffness and tired."

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Loo SP

"I had shingles since January 2017. I went to a doctor who put me on a course of antibiotics and medicine for my condition. The open wound did not heal and it was bleeding on and off. I thought of going for surgical treatment for it.

My sister, Marilyn introduced me to Hi-Bliss at an exhibition in Starling. I had Hydrogen therapy for 15 minutes and the open wound was closed."

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