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Now I Can Lift My Legs! | Mdm Low's Hi-Bliss Healthcare Journey

Initially struggling with limited mobility, Mdm Low had difficulty performing everyday tasks like lifting her arms and raising her legs, which greatly affected her quality of life. Through the expert guidance and care of the dedicated team at Hi-Bliss, Mdm Low was able to regain her strength and mobility.

Mdm Low started her journey with us with complaints of pain in her right arm and difficulty of lifting fully. Her left upper arm also had a lot of tightness. This impeded her daily life and her ability to comfortably wear her clothes.

After her consultation with our Hi-Bliss Health Consultants, she was prescribed our Muscle & Joint Program.

After only 3 sessions, she saw significant improvement in mobility and range of motion. Her lateral arm raises moved from 120 degrees of movement to 165 degrees of movement while her front arm raises improved from 110 degrees to 150 degrees.

If you are interested in improving your strength and mobility, we recommend that you visit our centres and discuss your health condition with our healthcare consultants.

Learn more about our Muscle & Joint Program here:

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