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Soft launch Water Generator Event : You Are What You Drink And Eat @ Domitys, Bangsar

On December 16, 2023, we had an amazing soft launch event at Domitys Bangsar, introducing our latest Hi-Bliss hydrogen water generator! The event was all about 'You are what you drink and eat: skin, kidney, and gut health." We had invited two awesome speakers, Prof. Dr. Yeong, a medical physicist in Malaysia, and Shirly Tiong, a nutrition and functional medicine pharmacist, who shared valuable insights.

Shirly emphasized the significance of hydrogen and how important its advantages are for body hydration and detoxification. She discussed how the food and drink we consume can build up toxins in our bodies. Furthermore, she shared insights into the specific foods and nutrients she typically includes in her diet to support the organs involved in detoxification. This session provided a wealth of informative content for our customers.

On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Yeong highlighted the incredible benefits of hydrogen, emphasizing its role in flushing out toxins and combating issues such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, and even post-COVID symptoms. She explained how hydrogen enters our bodies scientifically. Due to its small molecule size, hydrogen can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and speed up the healing of damaged cells.

Aside from the informative talk, we also had a lucky draw session in which winners received treatment vouchers and Wellwoud essential oil sets. Hi Bliss is also offering a promotional price for our water generator and many gifts worth more than RM1000. This exclusive offer is valid only for all participating clients during the event. On the same day, attendees also benefited from a free health assessment and hydrogen trial.

This event successfully helped everyone understand how hydrogen contributes to our health, marking the beginning of a new chapter in our well-being journey. We're thrilled to share more and help everyone make healthier choices. 

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