We recently spoke to Mr. Shia (affectionately known as “Uncle Shia” by the team), who had just completed his Osteoarthritis Therapy Program.

Watch his story about the pain he was going through, to the changes he has had since his treatment with us.

Uncle Shia has been suffering from Osteoarthritis which gravely affected his day-to-day life.

What We Did: We customized a treatment program according to Uncle Shia’s specific condition, by starting with a thorough check to identify the various points which were causing him pain. His treatment program included Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, manipulation, and physiotherapy exercises. All treatments are performed by our certified physiotherapists.

The Results: Uncle Shia came close to tears when he regained his mobility. He has since resumed his regular activities whilst continue to keep to his daily exercise routines. Find out more about Hi-Bliss Osteoarthritis Therapy: Click Here