How It Works

What to expect during therapy

As a one-stop healthcare centre in providing pain management and wellness therapy, our qualified Health consultants strive to provide the highest quality service to our clients. Our clients feel relaxed throughout the session as our treatments are comfortable, painless with no side effects.


Full body check-up

Before each session, our consultants will conduct a full body check-up (palpation) and will check the underlying muscular, body organs and joints to ensure that the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy is focused on treating specific problem areas to achieve the best results for our clients.

*Palpation is the process to examine all of parts of the body through sense of touch.


Identify troubled areas

Our professional consultants will identify the pain / trouble areas, unhealthy body conditions and underperforming body functions.


Hi-Bliss Treatment

Based on the results from the full body check-up, our consultants will personalise the Hi-Bliss Treatment to suit each client’s body condition in order to achieve the optimal result for the client. A hot pack will be strategically placed during treatment to further increase the blood circulation.


Recommendations & Follow Up

Each session will end with a recap on the session and analysis by our consultants, as our recovery programs are customized to each client’s health condition and progress is monitored after every session.

For pain relief treatment, we will have a series of exercises recommended to our clients to accelerate the healing and recovery process.

How Hi-Bliss Works?

Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy was founded on the potential of molecular hydrogen that has been proven to neutralise the body’s most toxic free radicals – believed to be the root cause of premature ageing and a wide range of diseases. Antioxidants, on the other hand, stop free radicals from destroying the body cells.

This pioneering technology harnesses the powerful antioxidant properties of molecular hydrogen by generating small amounts of hydrogen gas from distilled water. These are then directed onto the targeted treatment areas where molecular hydrogen, being the smallest molecule on earth, will then be absorbed into the body’s system. Ultimately, this treatment reduces oxidative stress, which is a result of excessive free radicals in the body and prevents the destruction of body cells by free radicals thus enabling the body’s organs to recover and function at its optimal level. 

Not only is Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy medication free and non-invasive, the use of hydrogen ensures that the treatment is natural and safe for use for anyone suffering from muscle and joint pains as well as various ailments.

After the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Treatment, clients will undergo a whole body Manipulation by our physiotherapists. Manipulation will be done for clients that do not need stretching exercises.

Water droplet

Hydrogen Gas generated from distilled water

Hydrogen Gas sprayed onto our skin will diffuse through the skin directly into our body cells.

Hydrogen molecules selectively neutralise the most toxic Free Radicals.  The also protect cells from Free Radicals.

During the process, water is the only by-product.

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