Puan Suhaiza ~ Diabetes and Open Wound (Video)

When we first met Puan Suhaiza (back in Aug 2018), she expressed that she has been suffering from Diabetes Mellitus for 20+ years and her 2 big toes had open wounds. Upon further examination, our consultants saw that one of her toes on her right foot had been amputated due to infection. She was taking antibiotics […]

Wong CM ~ Waist Pain

” The first time I started this treatment was due to my waist pain and after third treatment, the pain was lesser  and today is my last (fourth) treatment I feel more better and comfortable. “ Wong C.M. – 49 years old (October 2018)

Annie – Knee & Back Pain, Poor Blood Circulation

” I can feel so much better after the treatment. I don’t feel back pain so much now. I can relax and feel free to walk better now, each time I came for treatment. I hope to get better after my treatment.” Annie – 78 years old  (October 2018)

Michelle N ~ Kidney Stone, Numbness on both Hand and Leg, Dizziness

” When I first started Hi-Bliss treatment, I was in a weak condition. I had kidney stones (performance of my kidney was left – 31% and right – 59%), every time I pass urine will have pain sensation, easy to have urine infection. To add to that, my blood pressure was unstable, body cold and […]

Zaleha O ~ Osteoarthritis

” I am happy today because the treatment works well for me. I feel good. The condition of my leg improved a lot. I hope the treatment will sustain the ‘good condition’. I came all the way from Kedah and I have high hope that the treatment give positive recovery to me. “ Zaleha O. […]

Jennie L ~ Painful Knee and Ankles

” When I first came to Hi-Bliss centre, my knees, legs and ankles were very painful. After a few treatments, the pain in my legs and ankles had lessened plus the thigh muscles were more relaxed. I used to have to sit down after some 5 minutes of walking but now I can walk up […]

Abd. Jalil ~ Atopic Eczema (Whole Body)

Encik Abdul Jalil, a father of 3 who hails from Klang, has been suffering from Atopic Eczema for over 35 years. He was on prescription medication, taking steroid (once a week for past 20+ years) and used topical creams to control his condition. When we first met him, he had itchiness and redness all over […]

Shia C.S. ~ Osteoarthritis (Video)

” Hi I’m Shia CS and I would like to share my recent experience here at Compassionate Care Center. I have been suffering from pain at both knees and legs for past 1 year. Previously I could not walk far nor long, only around 20 steps before I had to sit down and rest. In […]