Rodziah I. ~ Osteoarthritis

” I have problem with bending my knee, especially hard when using the staircase. Need to hold something to lift up / stand up. I also had constipation and my shoulders were very stiff. After the treatment, I now feel much better, especially my knees (can bend easily and kneel down). I can also ‘Tidur […]

Ng S.H ~ Detox

” I find very caring and loving staff here. Keep it up. “ Ng S.H.~ June 2019

David Y. ~ Difficulty Sleeping and Pain

” Before the treatment, I didn’t sleep well and was always feeling cold. I was easily getting tired as well. After the treatment, I can sleep better (and longer) as previously I used to sleep 5 hours at night, but now I can sleep longer up to 7 hours at night. I don’t feel as […]

P.H. Foo ~ Coughing Issue

” I was coughing on and off for a year before the treatment. After various sessions of the treatment, my cough actually subsided a lot, which is a good sign the treatment is effective. I feel comfortable and peaceful as I know I’m in good hands, which is why I can doze off sometimes, which […]

Amy L ~ Detox

” Ms Amy was facing issues sleeping (especially deep sleep) which caused her to have frequent lack of energy during the day. After under-going Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, her quality of sleep has improved (as she can now enjoy deep sleep) and she feels re-energized during the day.” We are happy to hear that our Hydrogen […]

Chan Tong ~ Partial Facial Paralysis (Video)

” Let’s hear from one of our younger clients, Chan Tong (28) who was suffering from a viral infection of the facial nerve which had led to partial facial paralysis. The viral infection had caused inflammation of the facial nerve, which commonly causes the muscles on one side of the face to become paralyzed. Chan […]