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Why I Travelled 9,000 KM for Hydrogen Therapy | Mr. Ballim's Healthcare Journey
At Hi-Bliss, a leading wellness centre in Malaysia, we had the privilege of treating Mr. Ballim and his family from […]
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Now I Can Lift My Legs! | Mdm Low's Hi-Bliss Healthcare Journey
Initially struggling with limited mobility, Mdm Low had difficulty performing everyday tasks like lifting her arms and raising her legs, […]
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[Webinar] Managing Osteoarthritis with Hydrogen
A conversational webinar about osteoarthritis, its causes and various methods to manage it via physiotherapy and hydrogen therapy. This talk […]
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The Health Effects of Blue Light on children
Children experience massive, early use of and exposure to all types of screens such as smart phones, computers, tablets, consoles […]
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Blue Light & Your Eyes ~ How it can Affect Your Health
Although it is environmentally friendly, blue light can affect your sleep and potentially cause disease. Over the last few years […]
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What is Shingles
Shingles is a viral infection that usually causes a stripe of blisters that wraps around your torso. Although the rash […]
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Gout ~ Symptoms, Causes and Prevention
Gout is one of the oldest recorded diseases, with accounts dating back to ancient Egypt. This incredibly painful arthritis affects […]
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What is Cancer?
Every 12 minutes, a person is diagnosed with cancer in Malaysia. It is statistically very likely for you to develop […]
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Hypertension and Health
Normal blood pressure readings will fall below 120/80. Higher results over time can indicate hypertension. Elevated blood pressure is consistently […]
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What is Hypertension and High Blood Pressure?
Ever wondered why the first thing that your doctor does every time you visit a doctor’s office or hospital, (regardless […]
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Apa itu Atopic Dermatitis
Atopic Dermatits (juga dikenali sebagai AD), adalah jenis ekzema yang paling biasa terjadi di mana keadaan kulit yang gatal dan […]
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Psoriatic Arthritis and Health Conditions Linked to Psoriasis
Psoriasis, though is not a condition that is life threatening (although it has been suggested that the condition increases the […]
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